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Venus goes into retrograde motion on October 6 and will move backward all month. She stops at 10 degrees of Scorpio and backs into Libra, ending this retrograde phase at 25 degrees of Libra on November 16. Look to see where this falls in your chart as it shows you where you will be asked to make revisions in your life.

Venus has an eight-year pattern so it is helpful to remember what happened in October-November 2010 the last time she was retrograde at these degrees. Venus rules love and money, relationships and possessions. This is not a good time to make major purchases. You will be motivated by emotions rather than practicality and will regret any impulse buys. It is a good time for reconsidering existing relationships in terms of your needs. 

Old friends and lovers resurface which can be a lot of fun.

October 1 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 2 pm. The energy is unstable and scattered until the afternoon. If there was anything that upset you over the weekend, you can then find a way to feel safe and secure. Spend some time thinking about your money and your possessions and what you need to do to protect them. You need to take action tomorrow.

October 2 – Moon in Cancer. You have good instincts and the energy to batten down the hatches, so to speak, in preparation for Venus being in retrograde motion for the next six weeks. You need to do it today since tomorrow has a void Moon all day. Have a serious talk with your partner this evening to discuss things that must change.

October 3 – Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 5:12 pm. It’s a good day for tidying up and cleaning. Go to the farm stands and buy up fresh produce to freeze, store, and can for the winter. Take care of your houseplants. Make a donation to the food bank. Call Mom and check in with family news. Walk around your home and see what you need to repair or redecorate.

October 4 – Moon in Leo. Open your heart and act with love and kindness. Let today’s actions set the tone for the next six week. If any tension comes up, you can rely on the foundations you set down today. Do something special with children. Have a romantic date night with your beloved. Take care of tomorrow’s business and communications.

October 5 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 7:19 pm. Venus turns retrograde at 3:04 pm. Look back eight years to see an echo of the past in your present situation. Something that is still unfinished business from that time will reappear in the next six weeks. Try to be nice to everyone today. Smile and spread happiness and make people feel good. You can get the day’s important business done late tonight.

October 6 – Moon in Virgo. It’s a good day to use the retrograde energy to do a big cleanse of clutter and closets. Get rid of and recycle things and clothes that no longer please you or fit you. Follow the teachings of that book that says only keep the things that give you joy. This is a perfect Virgo Moon activity. Make a list of all the friends you haven’t heard from and with whom you want to make contact.

October 7 – Moon in Virgo, VC from 10:03 am until 9:10 pm when it enters Libra. You’ll lose some of the enthusiasm you had yesterday but still it’s good to finish what you started. Tie up loose ends and finish raking leaves and pruning flowers and bushes. Take time to drift off into a reverie of some sort, or take a nap and dream. It’s the dark of the Moon and a sleepy sort of day.

October 8 – Moon in Libra. Today’s New Moon has an extra jolt of energy since it is in a sign ruled by Venus. This can indicate that it will be hard to initiate new projects this month. It is important to be still and focus on beauty and peace. Do what you can to achieve greater harmony around you. It’s a good day to end any animosity that exists between you and another.

October 9 – Moon VC Libra. It’s another day where the Moon is void-of-course all day. The Universe is asking you to look back and wrap up your unresolved issues, especially interpersonal ones. Take a look at your creative ventures and art projects and either work to finish them or put them aside for good. Catch up with friends and repay social obligations. Mercury enters Scorpio and has you thinking about yourself.

October 10 – Moon in Scorpio. Pick up the work that you didn’t want to do yesterday and get it done. You have great focus today and it will be best to pick one task that you feel some passion for and work on it all day. People may annoy you as you are highly sensitive so try to ignore any perceived slights. It’s a very fertile day, good for planting bulbs and bushes.

October 11 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 7:12 pm. You will be able to dig under the surface and discover what someone is hiding from you. Use your perception to see who is deceiving you. You can also look for lost possessions or find that object you’ve been dreaming of owning. Hold off on the buying big ticket items. Give yourself time alone tonight to write in your journal.

October 12 – Moon in Sagittarius. The day is under the influence of the Sun and Pluto being in a challenging stance. The conflict will concern being nice and accommodating or being hard and professional. Something has to give, or maybe end, so that you can move forward. Work off some of this energy in the gym or outdoors doing your favorite sport.

October 13 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC 8:58 pm. Go on an adventure. It’s a perfect weekend to take a workshop, a yoga retreat, or a short course. Go somewhere you’ve never been so you can experience being outside of your comfort zone. Try that new physical activity. You’ll enjoy the day more if you have a friend or your partner by your side.

October 14 – Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 3:17 pm. Stay active today. You’ll feel upbeat and optimistic. It’s a good day to be doing rather than sitting. Stretch out in more ways than one and be sure to do at least one thing that has scared you in the past. You can get the chores and homework done in the afternoon. Sit down and write about your goals for the coming months.

October 15 – Moon in Capricorn. It’s a good day to further you career by working hard.  Mercury touches retrograde Venus and they urge you to talk about the unsatisfactory relationships you’ve had. They want you to replay scenes in your mind and try to figure out what went wrong so you can learn from past mistakes. Look back on important decisions about money you made and learn from them.

October 16 – Moon in Capricorn, VC 5:49 pm. Even if you don’t feel like it, put your energy into the job you must do today. It’s a good day for working and the effort you put in today will have long lasting effects. Take steps to make your business and work life more efficient. You’ll be able to see where to downsize and where to expand. 

October 17 – Moon in Aquarius. There’s an emphasis on thoughts, ideas, concepts, and original thinking today. Use your intellect to its fullest ability. Have a brainstorming session to find new solutions to old problems. It’s the day for group thinking, which means it’s a great day to get together with others for a community project. Upgrade your software. Catch up on listening to podcasts.

October 18 – Moon in Aquarius. You can find the words and the energy to fight any injustice where you can. Write letters to the newspaper and to your congressmen and senators. Speak up for a cause you believe in. Join an online forum to share information. Treat your mind to some weird entertainment by watching or reading science fiction. Do tomorrow’s work today.

October 19 – Moon in Aquarius, VC from 8:27 am until 4:20 pm when it enters Pisces. Write down all the thoughts you had over the past two days. It’s a good day for writing, the words will flow through your fingers. It’s also a good day for meetings even though you won’t be able to take definitive action but can set up an outline to follow. Tell yourself to have an important dream tonight.

October 20 – Moon in Pisces. Have a relaxing weekend. You won’t want to do much rushing around so it’s best to take it slow and drift with the currents of the days. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through an art museum or gallery. Take a yoga class and find time to meditate. Catch up giving donations of time, energy, and money to those less fortunate than you.

October 21 – Moon in Pisces, VC 7:47 pm. Today is a fertile day so take time to take care of indoor plants and put in another round of bulbs, and plant what you can. Make time and space for a mini-retreat where you can enjoy the gift of solitude. Catch up on doing acts of kindness and be kind to yourself. Take a long walk outside and appreciate the beauty of the season.

October 22 – Moon in Aries. You wake up ready to move and won’t let anyone stand in your way. Remember to think about what you do and don’t forget that Venus is retrograde. Today is the last day of Libra with its energy for compromise and collaboration. Try not to be too headstrong or self-centered if someone needs you to help them.

October 23 – Moon in Aries, VC 2:18 pm. The Sun enters Scorpio 7:22 am. It stands up to Taurus and life becomes unbalanced and a bit unhinged. Hold your center and deflect other people’s anger and other emotional behavior. Go off on a long run, or work out, to defuse the energy. Don’t engage when someone confronts you. Expect the unexpected to occur.

October 24 – Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus 10:33 am. Today’s full Moon involves both Uranus and retrograde Venus. You can bring your longstanding love or money issues to a resolution, but the result will be unexpected. It is time for you to break some of your daily habits and open up to experiencing new ways of eating, dressing, and being.

October 25 – Moon in Taurus. You’ll be torn between what you feel and what you see as real. Take care of the material things of life. Pamper your body and treat yourself to a massage or facial or a new outfit. Forget the diet and eat your favorite foods even though they may not be so good for you or your figure. Don’t try to convince anyone to see it your way, it will be a waste of energy.

October 26 – Moon in Taurus, VC from 10:49 am until 3:41 pm when it enters Gemini. The Sun and Venus meet marking the middle of this retrograde Venus period. It is a time to reevaluate what is of importance to you. Examine what you have lost interest in and how your desires have changed. Take a long lunch hour to discuss your findings with your close friends.

October 27 – Moon in Gemini. Run around and get the errands done and make phone calls and pay your bills. Today is the day to get things done while tomorrow is the day to chill out. The Sun and Saturn give you the stamina to get it all accomplished in a substantial way. It’s a good day to listen to other people’s stories and meet with friends to discuss ideas.

October 28 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 7:27 pm. You have the whole day to surf the internet, play games, and do what others would consider wasting time. Hang out with friends, read, write emails and letters, doodle. It’s good to have a day like this when you can goof off with no guilt. Have a late dinner of your childhood comfort foods.  

October 29 – Moon in Cancer. Your intuition and psychic abilities are strong today. Use them. Your words have a magical effect and what you say and write will bring you benefit if you use a bit of discipline and edit. Fill out applications and grant proposals and send them in. Review your will. Take another look at your investment strategy.

October 30 – Moon in Cancer. Take a look at your home and your workplace and see where you can redecorate without spending too much money. Move pictures around and get rid of clutter. Look over your sentimental keepsakes and decide if you still want them. It’s okay to re-gift family heirlooms if you really don’t want them. Stock up your freezer and pantry. Donate to the food bank.

October 31 – Moon in Leo. Mercury enters Sagittarius to free you mind towards looking in new directions. Venus back into Libra and asks you to pay attention to what isn’t working in your relationships. She wants you to find startling new answers. Examine the balance of dominance and submission in all your important partnerships. You’ll be creative in your choice of Halloween costumes and can have a lot of fun tonight 


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