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Mercury goes retrograde on December 19. This divides the month and means that you need to get most of everything done before then so that you can coast through those last weeks of December.

Mercury stops at 15 degrees of Capricorn and travels backwards to 28 degrees of Sagittarius by January 8, 2017. Look to see if you have any planets in the first fifteen degrees of Capricorn and where in your chart those degrees sit. Remember that when Mercury is retrograde you do best when performing tasks that start with re -. Reflect, reexamine, review, return, reconsider, reorganize, recycle, rejoin, reform, redo, rethink, to name a few. It is not a good time to start a job, move into a new house, buy a big-ticket item, or sign a contract.

The Winter Solstice is on December 21 this year.

December 1 – Moon in Capricorn. Chiron turns direct and he sends you insights on how to improve your wellbeing and gives you the key to unlocking a long-standing health issue. Mars and Jupiter speed your thoughts towards originality and creativity. You can use this gift of perception in your work today. They can help you find new career goals.

December 2 – Moon in Capricorn. Mercury enters Capricorn which helps you stay focused on fulfilling professional responsibilities. He will show you how and when to take the next step up your career ladder. The motto of the day is slow and steady wins the race. Mercury goes retrograde in two weeks so set up a schedule of what you need to do before that happens.

December 3 – Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 2:44 pm. Try to sum things up and finish what you can. Hold off on shopping until the afternoon. Buy practical gifts such as clocks, calendars, and tools. Check out electronics, streaming devices, cameras, and odd and unusual items to buy as gifts. Meet up with your book club or discussion group this evening.

December 4 – Moon in Aquarius. It’s a day to think and talk. You need to have some mental space so it’s a good day to detach from the upcoming holiday whirlwind. Think about the future and how you see yourself in five or ten years. You need to take care of tomorrow’s important business, phone calls, emails, and orders. 

December 5 – Moon VC Aquarius. The Moon is void all day so it’s best not to start anything. Hold off on major purchases to avoid mistakes. Have a brainstorming session at work and toss ideas around. Back up computers and get the updates done. Put your files in order. Catch up on reading technical manuals and journals that relate to your work.

December 6 – Moon in Pisces. You have to do three day’s work – yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s, as today is ringed by two void moon days. Try to go non-stop in the morning as things could get fuzzy in the afternoon. But your energy picks up again at night. Make donations to local charities that help children have happy holidays.

December 7 – Moon in Pisces, VC 9:05 am. Venus moves into Aquarius and encourages you to loosen your ideas of what is acceptable. She wants you to make friends with people who are different from you. It is not a good day to do much besides the basics so spend time doing service work. Help anyone you see who is in need.

December 8 –Moon in Aries. You can make up for the last few days and speed ahead if you follow your ideas. You’ll be unhappy having to do what someone else wants you to do. The day is full of fiery energy and you can create, encourage, and be bold and adventurous. Shop for sports equipment. If you’re thinking of buying a motorcycle or other means of fast transportation, today is the day to do so.

December 9 – Moon in Aries, VC 8:06 pm. It is a lucky day so you can take a risk on something you’ve been thinking about but been hesitant to do. Take a chance to get what you want. Jump on any opportunities that appear. Look for hidden gifts from the universe. You need exercise to use up some excess energy. Be sure to wear our helmet when needed.

December 10 –Moon in Taurus. The Sun and Saturn have their annual meeting and they look at you and want to know if you are doing everything the right way or if you are cutting corners. If you are honest with yourself, you can see your karma unfolding. It is a serious day when you can’t fool around and pretend everything is okay when it isn’t. Have fun making holiday crafts and buying others people’s art work.

December 11 – Moon in Taurus. It’s a food day and excellent for baking holiday cookies and cakes and making Christmas candy. It’s a good day to decorate the house and buy a tree if you like one. Shop for clothes, jewelry, music, and food gifts. Buy gift certificates for massages and facials. Splurge on a gourmet dinner tonight.

December 12 – Moon in Gemini. It will be a busy day with a lot of distractions. You need to keep in motion and take care of a lot of business as this is the last week before Mercury goes retrograde. Do your online ordering. Pay your bills, and set up times to make important phone calls. Look up information on ways to heal what bothers your body.

December 13 – Moon in Gemini. Today’s Full Moon will help you attune your mind and nervous system to the blessings of the season. Mercury brings joy into your everyday consciousness if you let go of negative thoughts. Use your mind to its fullest capacity today. Work on your writing and editing projects. Shop for books, magazine subscriptions, computers and tablets, eBooks, and gloves

December 14 – Moon in Cancer. Take a cold hard look at your finances and see where you need to reassess your budget. Make any adjustments to your investments now since you don’t want to do it in the next three weeks.  Stock up on the foods you need for the holiday. Check in with your family before you buy gifts.

December 15 – Moon in Cancer, VC 4:37 pm. Shop for household and kitchen items. Replace any old appliances before they break down when you’ll need them. It’s a good day to have lunch or dinner, or both, with your women friends. Donate to your local food bank and shelters for the homeless. Cook your comfort foods tonight. Call Mom and see what she needs and get some family recipes from her,

December 16 – Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 8:15 am. Today is the last business day while Mercury is still direct. Take advantage of that fact. Prioritize today’s tasks so that the most important things get done. You’ll feel the urge to play but wait until tonight and tomorrow and get your work done. Buy theater and concert tickets to give as gifts. Mail your holiday cards and packages.

December 17 – Moon in Leo. Today and tomorrow are the days to shop for holiday gifts. Go to the artisans’ fairs and find handmade original items. Buy toys and games, children’s clothing, crafts and pictures, as well as gold jewelry. It’s also a good day for holiday parties and festivities. You’ll feel cheery and generous and will enjoy buying for others.

December 18 – Moon in Leo, VC from 11:55 am until 12:52 pm when it enters Virgo. Host a morning holiday party and wait until the afternoon to get serious. You’ll have plenty of time to clean and put things in order once Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow. It’s best to use today to get organized, make lists, and write down what you don’t want to forget to do or say.

December 19 – Moon in Virgo. Mercury turns into retrograde motion at 5:55 am. Mars adds to the confusion by entering Pisces and turning your intentions to mush. It will be harder to assert yourself and say what you mean. It is good energy for service work so help others in the coming three weeks. Look around the house and make a bag of clothes and things to donate to the charity shops.

December 20 – Moon in Virgo, VC from 8:56 pm until 9:40 pm when it enters Libra. Today is the last day of Sagittarius and the end of Fall. When you shop from now on, be sure to check the return policy. Buy practical, useful items. Shop for writing equipment, phones, fancy soaps and creams, and health foods. Stick to your diet for as long as you can before the parties start.

December 21 – Moon in Libra. The Sun enters Capricorn at 5:45 am. Celebrate the Winter Solstice in some way. Today is a transition day so don’t feel you have to get much done. Finish decorating the house and workspace. Shop for art supplies, jewels, pretty accessories, and books about feng shui. Double check your holiday plans and confirm all reservations.

December 22 – Moon in Libra, VC 2:31 pm. It’s a day to be social rather than work. Share meals with friends and co-workers. Give little gifts to the people you appreciate. Buy yourself a new outfit. You’ll have the skills to be a peacemaker and bring people together who have been at odds with each other. Don’t make any business decisions.

December 23 – Moon in Scorpio. You’ll feel your emotions rising either in anticipation of the holidays or by remembering those who won’t be with you this year. Be sure to take some time for and by yourself before the weekend starts with all the social and family obligations. Do some last minute shopping for science kits, tools, or detective stories.

December 24 – Moon in Scorpio. Try not to take it all so seriously, but do get anything that you need to do tomorrow done today. Pay attention if you travel today and make a check list so you don’t forget anything. You’ll be able to mix the established way of doing things with some innovations, although you want to do everything your way.

December 25 – Moon VC Scorpio. The Moon is void all day but Venus is busy dancing with Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn and this gives the day a happy, lucky, unusual tone. Accept any confusion that occurs when things don’t go as planned. There may be travel delays but you can overlook anything if you keep a happy spirit. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Chanukah.

December 26 – Moon in Sagittarius. Have fun with your new toys. Give yourself a day to play no matter if you are a big or little kid. Contact friends in faraway places and exchange happy greetings.  The bigger you extend your circle of friends and activities, the better chances of receiving an unexpected surprise. Let your imagination run wild and let your mind create something wonderful.

December 27 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC 8:45 pm. You’ll have lots of energy so try to get outdoors and engage in winter sports. Try to beat your personal best as you skate, snowshoe, ski, and hike. If you can’t get outdoors, have an adventure in your mind. Go to a museum or a library and seek out something that will teach you what you don’t know.

December 28 – Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 10:12 am. The Sun and Mercury meet as today is the halfway point of Mercury’s journey backwards. They give you lots to think about. Your mind is active so take notes for your next writing project. Pay attention to your health and diet. Try to cut out the things you do that you know are bad for you. Tonight is the dark of the moon.

December 29 – Moon in Capricorn. Today’s New Moon is accompanied by Uranus turning into direct motion. This will bring endings and surprising new events. Expect to feel some shockwaves – physical, mental, and emotional. Today is a powerful day to make resolutions for the coming year. Examine your strengths and weaknesses and resolve to become an even better person.

December 30 – Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 8:29 pm. You might as well start the weekend early as you can’t do much of importance on a void-of-course day during a retrograde Mercury period. Clean up your papers and files from the old year. Spend time in mediation and contemplation. Take a yoga class.

December 31 – Moon in Aquarius. On this last day of a remarkable year, the Moon is in a sign that promotes objective thought. It helps you to detach from the emotional stress of the year and to think of ways to connect with the people in your community even though some may hold different values. Thought is creative so think hard to manifest the world you want to live in. HAVE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY 2017!





























































































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