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JULY 2014

July has some exciting changes – Mercury turns direct on July 1. You can now take giant steps forward into the future. This ends a long series of retrograde planets that has been going on since January.

Jupiter ends his sojourn in Cancer, the sign where he is happiest and most expansive. He has been there since the end of June of last year.  He enters July to bring a year of opportunity to Leos and other fire signs. Jupiter in Leo helps you open up your heart and gives you the confidence to create in your own individual way. His last visit to Leo was in 2002-2003.

Saturn ends his retrograde period in mid-July and thus begins to end the stress he has been giving to those with to those with planets in 16-20 degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. He moves forward to enter Sagittarius at Christmastime.

Mars finally leaves Libra. He has been there since December and it’s time for a change. Mars in Scorpio can bring out the dark side of people but is great for concentration and research.

July 1 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 5:24 pm. Mercury turns direct at 8:50 am. Even though Mercury flips around early in the morning, you want to treat today as if he is still retrograde because the moon is Void-of-Course for the whole workday. Finish up your old work and find time to have some fun. Play with the kids and have fun.

July 2 – Moon in Virgo. This is the day you’ve been waiting for. You can put your plans in action and start a new things to do list. It’s a good day to do things like begin a new job, hire someone, buy office equipment, and get organized. You’ll see life in a clear light and can make good decisions. Weed the garden.

July 3 – Moon in Virgo. You can be productive and feel good about what you accomplish, Work long hours so you can enjoy the holiday weekend. Finish up doing the damage control for last month’s mistakes. Make a list of what you want to do this summer and decide when you will do it. Call for doctor, dentist, and vet appointments.

July 4 – Moon in Libra. It’s a good moon for a holiday. Go out and celebrate with your friends and neighbors. The Sun and Pluto have their yearly standoff which can cause upheavals. Be alert for anything suspicious and stay safe. Use care if you set off fireworks, literally and emotionally, as simmering family issues can erupt today. Err to the side of caution.

July 5 – Moon in Libra. You’ll feel undercurrents from things said and done yesterday. Calm your nerves by planting more flowers. Continue enjoying the holiday. Try to find time to get some quality one-on-one time with your partner. Do something special to make the relationship more exciting.

July 6 – Moon in Libra, VC from 11:31 am until 3:34 pm when it enters Scorpio. Have a lazy day. Relax and enjoy just not doing much. Meet friends for a picnic or potluck dinner or at a favorite restaurant. Tour the nurseries and find interesting plants for your garden. Today is His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday. Do an act of kindness in his honor.

July 7 – Moon in Scorpio. It’s a prime planting day so do it when you can. It’s also a great day to work and you’ll do best if you focus on one job and go in depth with it. Choose something you feel passionate about. There is a potential for jealousy to arise when your partner seems to be doing something unusual.  Let go of negative thinking and trust in your bond of partnership.

July 8 – Moon in Scorpio, VC from 6:33 pm until 9:25 pm when it enters Sagittarius. Plant today, the moon is fertile and increasing in light, both very good aspects for planting.  The Sun is busy challenging Uranus and soothing Saturn. It’s one of those days when the things you do have a big impact. You’ll want to act impulsively on new and strange ideas but will have the sense and stability to choose how to implement them.

July 9 – Moon in Sagittarius. It will be easy to look at yesterday’s happenings in a philosophical way.  The Sun teams up with Chiron and they offer you ways to heal any rifts in your body and in your emotional life. Get outdoors to exercise so you can enjoy the benefit of fresh air rather than the air in the gym. Make reservations for your next trip, hopefully it will be to somewhere you’ve never been.

July 10 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC 8:19 pm. Your desire to explore unknown roads will conflict with your need for comfort and security. Do something that pushes your boundaries, even if it’s just a little bit. Stay out of the garden except for weeding, cultivating, and harvesting. Make some foreign contacts and think about expanding your business to other countries.

July 11 – Moon in Capricorn. Today is a great day for work and business. You will have a practical, pragmatic point of view and can easily organize and prioritize to make your work more efficient. You can hire or fire, and/or look for a new job. It’s a good day for interviews. Rewrite your resume. Put family issues on the back burner for the day.

July 12 – Moon in Capricorn, VC 9:56 pm. Today’s full moon helps you bring your ideas about career to full expression. Tell your company to amuse themselves, and then give a great part of today to your work so you can make use of this energy and implement the good ideas you gathered when Mercury was retrograde. Check out the nurseries for deals on perennials and plant them today.

July 13 – Moon in Aquarius. Mercury returns to Cancer where he began his retrograde journey. You can feel which way to proceed and which ideas are keepers. Venus and Mars want to help you unleash your creativity. Give them a chance by setting aside time to devote to a pet project. It’s a good day to go browse the art galleries and find something special that pleases you.

July 14  – Moon in Aquarius, VC 3:23 pm. You can see the big picture today. You’ll be able to figure out how you can contribute to the greater good, be it on a local, national or international level. Get involved in fundraising or some other community project. There is power in groups and the common mind today. It’s a barren moon, so no planting though it is great for mowing the lawn.

July 15 – Moon in Pisces. Now you can get back to the garden and plant. It’s also a fertile day for planting ideas and doing good deeds. Today is the last day for the next twelve years when Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer, his favorite place to be. All Cancers want to take advantage of opportunities and jump into whatever has presented itself to you. Buy a house, buy land in the country, and buy big-ticket items for your home. Make peace within your family.

July 16 – Moon in Pisces, VC 8:57 pm. Jupiter enters Leo at 6:30 am. The energy of water is still strong today and you can use it to intuit what gifts Jupiter wants to bring you to celebrate his entry into a new sign. Water is therapeutic today so make sure you immerse your body in some water or pour it over you. Drink a lot of it too. It’s a fertile planting day, very good for putting in berry bushes.

July 17 – Moon in Aries. You’ll feel the fire element rev you up and get you moving in a new direction. Today’s Moon joins with Jupiter to get you out of the doldrums and give you the confidence to walk on. You have to do things your way today. Say you’ll help another day but now you need to work on your own stuff. Make sure to do something daring today.

July 18 – Moon in Aries. Continue to do your own thing and promote your pet projects. Venus enters Cancer and she sweetens up the energy of the coming month. She helps you appreciate your home and family. She wants you to display more emotion to those who love you. Reassure them that you care and are there for them.

July 19 – Moon in Taurus. This is a good weekend to get back to the garden and calm down when the day gets too hectic. The Sun and Mars square off and bring up hidden tension about family and partnerships. They give one more kick to the issues of the Spring. Use your intuition to find a way out of what is still left that is causing problems.

July 20 – Moon in Taurus. Saturn turns direct at 4: 36 pm. It will feel as if time has stopped and you are moving in slow motion. Take it easy and have a lazy Sunday – one where you can take a nap in the hammock or snooze on the beach. Pamper your body in your favorite way. It’s a good day to break a habit and stop eating or doing what you know isn’t good for you. Plant a tree.

July 21 – Moon in Taurus, VC 10:13 am until 12:36 pm when it enters Gemini. Uranus begins his annual retrograde phase today. His change of direction sends shock waves through the day. Stay with the usual plan of action and don’t try any innovations. Play attention when using or near anything explosive, flammable, or dangerous, especially in the afternoon. Think before you act.

July 22 – Moon in Gemini. The Sun enters Leo at 5:41 pm. Mercury and Pluto team up to reveal hidden facts that give you more pieces to the puzzle. You’ll be able to understand or explain a dynamic that seemed confusing. The energy is still unstable; think of currents meeting in a river. It’s not the day to do something that you want to last a long time; it’s better to just gather information.

July 23 – Moon in Gemini, VC 8:53 pm. Buy yourself a present and get that new communication device you’ve been wanting. Upgrade your software and check your virus protection. Your mind is busy thinking and it’s a good day for writing so tackle that writing project you need to do. Call your siblings to chat about their summer plans.

July 24 – Moon in Cancer. The Sun and Jupiter have their annual meeting and bestow gifts of love and golden opportunities. They only ask that you keep your heart open and act from a place of loving-kindness. They send you original creative, unusual ideas and the ability to do something with them. Make a big donation to the food bank. Do tomorrow’s work today,

July 25 – Moon in Cancer, VC 9:53 am. Mars enters Scorpio and this changes your desires and motivations. You will feel less like compromising and be more focused on your own needs.  The moon is void and old and dark, which is not a good time to start anything.  Try to begin the weekend early if you can. It’s a very good day for healing with therapy of any kind.

July 26 – Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 10:55 am. Today’s new moon sits close to Jupiter, making it an extra special new moon and ushering in a positive and joyous month. Let love be your keyword for the next 28 days. Stay in the moment and be as optimistic as a child. May this be a happy day for you and for all who you love. Don’t plant, except in your imagination.

July 27 – Moon in Leo, VC 8:38 pm. It’s a cheery day when you’ll be in high spirits and want to play and have fun. Put your worries aside for today, they’re not going anyplace and you can use a break. Do your favorite summer activities. Test your luck in a responsible way. Be generous with your hugs and kisses and smile at everyone you see to spread loving feelings around.

July 28 – Moon VC Leo. Try to continue the weekend if you can since you can’t get anything worthwhile done today. You’ll be able to catch up over the next two days. You are feeling good but you need to pay attention in case you are overpowering your loved one. The old family vs. work issue will arise and you want to consider what you need to change to keep your life balanced.

July 29 – Moon in Virgo. The next two days are when you can make up for the time you’ve slacked off this month. Make a list of all that you need to get done and then sort priorities according to deadlines. You’ll feel an injection of creativity into your everyday routine. Work long and hard hours. Make reservations for your next holiday trip.

July 30 – Moon in Virgo. Clean, sort, and put away while you work. Tackle the mess of papers and bills you have lying around. Go through a closet and some drawers and decide what to recycle, what to keep, and what is trash. Fix things that you’ve put aside because you had no time to do it. It’s a clear the decks kind of day.

July 31 – Moon in Virgo, VC from 10:48 am until 12:09 pm when it enters Libra. Mercury enters Leo to liven up your thoughts and make communication more fun. You’ll be telling stories and embellishing facts to make people laugh. Work in the morning since the afternoon energy makes you want to go out and socialize. Sleep outside tonight on this last night of July.

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