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JUNE 2018

Mars turns retrograde on June 26. He does this every two years and so it takes a while to get used to the switch in energy, which is usually disruptive. You may feel like postponing or ending an ongoing venture. This can be a frustrating time, but it is a lesson on learning patience. Mars turns retrograde at 9 degrees of Aquarius and moves back to 28 degrees of Capricorn before he turns direct on August 27. The area in your chart that hold those degrees is where you will experience the most frustration. He is retrograde all Summer so it’s best to get your projects started in the early weeks of June.

June 1 – Moon in Capricorn. Get up early to work and work hard with few breaks. You will be happy working late into the night. You can rest tomorrow. Venus and Jupiter twirl around and show you some good moves for dealing with your money. You will be lucky if you’ve already thought out what you should do. Shop for items for your home and make plans for summer getaways.

June 2 – Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 6:06 pm. You’ll feel inspired to drift through the day. Spend as much time as you like daydreaming, but be sure to write down the thoughts and images you like. It’s a good day to indulge the artist in you – create, produce, buy and appreciate. Plant root crops, graft and prune. Feed your mind with cutting edge information tonight.

June 3 – Moon in Aquarius. This is a barren moon, do not plant. Put your energy into a community project or hosting or attending a fundraiser for a favorite cause. Do the research on the new electronic devise you want to buy or upgrade before the summer begins with its retrograding planets. You can do some good shopping today if you are sure of what you want. 

June 4 – Moon VC Aquarius. Finish up what’s been left dangling. Join with co-workers or colleagues and do some brainstorming to produce new ideas which can lead to greater efficiency in the workplace. Have a long late lunch with someone whose ideas you find interesting. Mow the lawn and weed since doing it today will keep the growth down. Get lost in reading technical books or watching science fiction.

June 5 – Moon in Pisces. Your mind is being flooded with new ideas and intuitions and this may be distracting. Make a note of the good ones so they don’t drift away. Venus and Pluto look at each other and they force you to acknowledge some truths about your relationship that you’ve been happy to overlook. They want you to be suspicious for fraud. Plant.

June 6 – Moon in Pisces. Even though you may not feel like it, you need to get two days’ work done today. Be clear when you speak to make sure that you are understood. People may be hearing what they want to hear, not what you mean. It will be hard to separate the truth from the lies. It’s a good day for planting, especially berries and fruit trees.

June 7 – Moon VC Pisces, enters Aries 5:26 pm. It’s a spacy day with the Sun contacting Neptune and the Moon void in Pisces. It’s another day to drift and dream. Work on your inner self. Spend time doing your spiritual practice. Listen to podcasts and watch videos done by spiritual teachers. Work in the garden and walk in the woods.

June 8 – Moon in Aries. You can go at your speediest pace now that you feel back on track and you can catch up with what didn’t get done this week. Your aim is steady and you can push ahead your personal agenda. It’s a day to put out fires, metaphorically. Don’t be sidetracked but keep on with what you know is best for you to be doing.

June 9 – Moon in Aries, VC 3:37 pm. Hold off on planting until tomorrow. Today has a fiery, barren moon, one that gives you energy but will burn up little seedlings. You need to be in motion today. Find a way to challenge yourself that gets you outside of your comfort zone. Join a protest or find a way to champion a cause.

June 10 – Moon in Taurus. It’s a lazy Sunday when you can sleep late, meet friends for brunch, and putter around in the garden. It’s a fertile moon for planting, especially trees and flowering bushes. Stay outdoors as much as you can and enjoy the beauty around you. Feed your senses and pamper your body. Forget the diet and indulge in gourmet food, desserts, and dark chocolate.

June 11 – Moon in Taurus. You may find that there’s a tension between the many ideas you have about making changes at work and the reality of how practical these ideas really are. You will opt for what’s sensible and down to earth. Take your time so that you can finish what needs to be finished. Visit the nurseries and have fun planning out the rest of what you want to plant.

June 12 – Moon in Gemini. Mercury enters Cancer and your thinking turns towards home and family and domestic matters. Your thoughts will be more influenced by your emotions than they usually are. It’s a great day for multi-tasking and communicating with a lot of people. You’ll learn new information through these conversations and can pass on what you know. Tonight is the dark of the Moon.

June 13 – Moon in Gemini, VC 3:43 pm. Today’s New Moon gives benefits when you quiet your mind through breathing exercises. The calmer you can make your mind, the more knowledge you will receive. You can examine the conflict between being who you know you really are and how that image goes against other peoples’ expectations of who you should be. Venus moves into Leo where she loves to dress up and go to parties and have fun.

June 14 – Moon in Cancer. Today and tomorrow are the most fertile days of the month so keep planting even if you think you’re done. You want to take advantage of this fertility. Venus and Uranus have a brief encounter and they giggle as they shake up your day. Things will not go as planned so expect the unexpected to occur. Be daring with your loved one, but conservative when handling money.

June 15 – Moon in Cancer, VC 12:18 pm. Work hard in the morning and then start the weekend early if you can. Keep planting as you can’t over the weekend. Create a quick trip to go somewhere fun for the weekend. Mercury and Saturn show you the bottom line, the real truth of the matter. Reality overrides emotions and you see that what you want if not always for the best. Venus and Chiron help you realize what you need to do to bolster your self-esteem.

June 16 – Moon in Leo. Do not plant this weekend as this is a barren Moon and your plants will shrivel and dry up. Be sure to water the ones that are growing. It’s a weekend to have fun and do special things. Take the kids to the circus, an amusement park, or a science museum. Go to the beach and soak up the sun. Buy presents for your loved ones.

June 17 – Moon in Leo. You’ll feel loving and openhearted all day. Your inner light will shine when you smile. Leave your worries for another day. You can take a risk and make a move to expand your life. You can coach and inspire someone who needs to hear something positive. Honor all the important men in your life, not only your father on his day.

June 18 – Moon in Virgo. Neptune turns retrograde today and begins showing you where you need to open to the artistic and spiritual world. He wants you to volunteer and be of service to others. The Virgo Moon helps you work through the foggy aura that accompanies Neptune. Focus on the details and catch up with the things you’ve let slide. Fix what needs repair, on many levels.

June 19 – Moon in Virgo. It’s a good day to get your thoughts in order. Do that writing that you’ve been putting off as the words come easily today. You have the ability to make an accurate analysis. This will help you diagnose emotional, physical, and psychic ills. Make appointments with your doctor, dentist, eye doctor, and vet.

June 20 – Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 8:29 am. Meet with friends and plan how to celebrate the last day of Spring. You have a long day for it. Look back over the past three months to see how you fared during the season. Settle any ongoing arguments and find a middle way that benefits both partners. Finish up any old projects so you can start the summer free and clear.

June 21 – Moon in Libra, VC 9:34 pm. The Sun enters Cancer at 6:07 am. Today is the Summer Solstice. You can start new projects using your new ideas. You’ll find your creative juices are flowing and that they need to be expressed. Flush away old attitudes and emotional baggage that has not helped you in the past. Plant flowers and flowering vegetables.

June 22 – Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 3:11 pm. You’ll feel more like socializing than working. Hold parties to celebrate co-workers or graduates. The energy changes in the late afternoon when your intuitions and hunches take over. Let go of plans you’ve made and do what feels right in the moment. You can plant tonight.

June 23 – Moon in Scorpio. The Sun and Uranus get used to being in their new signs and urge you to begin new home projects. You’ll get an idea to do something different. You can make a big breakthrough towards healing an emotional or psychic wound. Investigate hidden matters and discover information that was concealed from you. It’s a super time to plant.

June 24 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 10 am. It’s a very fertile day. What you plant will flourish. Next weekend has a barren Moon so don’t procrastinate about planting. Give yourself a personal day to tend to all that you desire. You can calm down and release the week’s woes when you put yourself in, on, or by water.

June 25 – Moon in Sagittarius. Mars has stopped moving but is not yet retrograde so today is a last chance to start a project or sell a proposal or a product or push yourself forward in some way. Venus and Jupiter offer you luck when you put out some effort, especially in the realms of love and money. Take a well thought out chance. It’s a good day to travel.

June 26 – Moon VC Sagittarius. Mars turns retrograde at 5:05 pm. Since the Moon is void all day the universe is telling you to stop and only take baby steps. It’s a day off, or a long recess when you can play hooky and go have an adventure. Pay attention to where you lose interest in a project or for your original ideas. Get ready for your summer plans to change. Be flexible and adaptable.

June 27 – Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 11:52 am. The Sun and Saturn stand opposite to each other and Saturn insists on showing you the reality of the situation. It’s a day of reckoning, where you see where you have been fooling yourself or gone way off track. It’s a serious day, one where you need to stop and look around and let go of your illusions.

June 28 – Moon in Capricorn. Saturn is close to this Full Moon and he shows you the bottom line. He will bring emotions up and the things you’ve been upset about will have to be dealt with. You need to get back to work and focus on your priorities, which may have changed over the past few days.  Redo and replan your work agenda today.

June 29 – Moon VC Capricorn. Mercury enters Leo and gives your mind a lift and a renewed sense of optimism. He helps you embellish the story you’re telling. It’s a good day to spend filing, recycling, and getting rid of paperwork and receipts and emails that you no longer need. Create order in your workplace. Finish up that boring job.

June 30 – Moon in Aquarius. Do not plant today or tomorrow, just weed and mow the lawn. You mind is busy seeing things from a different angle. Some of your long-held opinions and beliefs will change. You’ll see where some of your thoughts are leading you to a dead end. Recycle your old electronic equipment. Meet with friends to have a good discussion about the big things in life. 


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