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December 31 – Moon in Scorpio. Meditate on 2018 and all you did and felt. Look deep within and see how much you have changed since this day last year. Write down what you wish to achieve in 2019. Make practical New Year’s resolutions, ones you can accomplish. Mars enters Aries tonight. He is strong in it and he gives you the energy to start the year ahead with much vitality.

Happy New Year !!!!

January 2019

The first contact to another planet that the Moon makes on January 1 sets one of the themes for the coming year. This year the Moon is in the sign of Scorpio and makes a positive aspect to Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio. This indicates a theme of transformation, the kind of growth where something old has to go so that there is room for the new. You can get rid of some inner secret that holds you back.

There is a Solar Eclipse at 15 degrees of Capricorn on January 7 and a Lunar Eclipse at 0 degrees of Leo on January 21. The two week period between them is an awkward time and not good for setting things in motion. If any planets or points in your chart touch on those degrees, this month will be very important for you and a time to practice letting go.

After Uranus moves into direct motion on January 6, there is a rare period when all the planets are in direct motion. You want to make use of this window of opportunity after the eclipses are over on January 21 since what you start has a better than average change of being successful.

January 1 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 5:26 pm. Start the year with some introspection about what is holding you back and what you want to change in your life. Make very personal New Year’s resolutions, ones with deep meanings. Find joy in the simple things of life and try your best to make others happy. Find time to be alone so you can focus on your inner world.

January 2 – Moon in Sagittarius. The Sun and Saturn have their annual meet up today. They want to help you plan out the year, so get a calendar and make your plan. Set goals for the year and make sure that they include travel to place you’ve never been to. See what you can discard, where you can downsize and simplify in your family life and in your work.

January 3 – Moon in Sagittarius. It’s a great day to get out and explore. You can sell anything to anyone as your powers of persuasion are strong. Test your luck and try something new. Take a calculated risk. You’ll move fast and your enthusiasm  will have a conflict with the part of you that wants to sit and feel things out before you make a move. Make it a happy day.

January 4 – Moon in Sagittarius VC from 12:41 pm until 1:55 pm when it enters Capricorn. Save the serious work for the afternoon. You’re feeling tomorrow’s eclipse so it’s best not to do anything which requires a long term commitment. Follow your inspiration and perform acts of kindness. Mercury will enter Capricorn late tonight so enjoy this last day when your mind has no boundaries.

January 5 – Moon in Capricorn. Today’s New Moon is a Solar Eclipse. Fight the urge to control and make things happen. It’s a day to let things go, to sit back and examine what in your life needs to be eclipsed. Make another round of New Year’s resolutions. You will be able to stick with these ones. Be practical and pragmatic and realistic.

January 6 – Moon in Capricorn. Uranus moves into direct motion today. This adds to the confusion caused by yesterday’s eclipse. The energy is unstable and bewildering, so if you make a plan today wait to put it into action later in the month. Go through closets and see what you can give away to the thrift stores so that others can use what you are not using. Get rid of clutter.

January 7 – Moon in Aquarius. Venus enters Sagittarius and she wants you to be free to follow your dreams and desires. She says it’s time to make new friends. Life is getting back to a new normal and you can get into your new routine. Find a community project to work on. Join a reading, knitting, or short wave radio group so you can meet and connect with those who share your interests.

January 8 – Moon in Aquarius. You can get a lot done today. Write out proposals for grants, scholarships, or for your written and artistic work. Apply for a new job or for a course of study. Upgrade your software and operating systems. Learn something new that you can do on your computer. Share your ideas with a group or send them out in a blog.

January 9 – Moon in Aquarius, VC from 11:53 am until 2:44 pm when it enters Pisces. Do your thinking in the morning when your mind is clear and you are detached from caring how people accept your ideas. You’ll feel slower and softer in the afternoon and can rely on your intuition to lead you through the rest of the day. Stop and meditate.

January 10 – Moon in Pisces. It’s a day to follow your dreams. If they are getting old, then daydream up some new ones that merge with your goals for the year. Do many acts of kindness which will help you as well as helping others. Follow your spiritual practice to stay centered as tomorrow can bring some unsettling news and events. Do tomorrow’s important work today.

January 11 – Moon in Pisces, VC 9:25 am. The Sun and Pluto have their annual meeting and they see where the world, the country and you need to make some major changes. Whatever is not on a solid foundation or is being done with shoddy ethics will crumble. Help others while you examine your beliefs. This is the annual day of reckoning.

January 12 – Moon in Aries. You have a lot of energy and can charge ahead and do what you’ve been wanting to do. It’s best to work on your own so you can set the pace. It’s a good day for starting projects and moving into the future. Watch your temper as you have very little patience today. Protect your head when doing sports. Pluto still has a hold on the day.

January 13 – Moon in Aries. You’ll have foot in mouth disease today as words will spurt out before you think of their effect. Try to avoid arguments since others see their own truths as the valid ones. Your mind is sharp and able to see the bottom line so you can look around and make your life more efficient and practical. It’s a good day for writing and editing.

January 14 – Moon in Aries, VC from 10:56 am until 1:31 pm when it enters Taurus. As you start the work week, remember that we are between eclipses which means that things may not work out as planned. Put off making major decisions for another week although that will be hard to do. You want to jump on it right now. The energy calms down in the afternoon and lets you pay attention to the needs of your body.

January 15 – Moon in Taurus. It’s an earthy day when you can deal with the practicalities of life. You have a sense of value so you can spot the real bargains among the sales. You have the patience to go slowly until your task is done beautifully. Spice up the dark day with some gourmet cooking. Treat your senses with something special.

January 16 – Moon in Taurus, VC from 1:34 pm until 8 pm when it enters Gemini. Feel safe and secure in the knowledge that all is as it should be. Enjoy the steady pace of the day as you work slowly on a project you like. Spend time outdoors to appreciate the beauty of this time of year. Buy a flowering plant to bring some color inside your house or office. 

January 17 – Moon in Gemini. Wake up and spring into motion. You will want to change the pattern of the past few days and get busier than you were. It will be hard to focus on one task so choose ones that you can do quickly. There’s a risk of being bored, so leave the detailed work for another day. Take care of all your correspondence and empty your inbox.

January 18 – Moon in Gemini, VC 8:32 pm. The Sun and Uranus accuse each other – Uranus sees Sun as being too stuck in a rut and Sun sees Uranus as being too far out. See how this plays out in your life. Expect surprises and don’t do anything that you want to continue. You’ll take two steps forward and one step back as you go through the day. It’s a good time to use your creativity to write, act, make art and music, and heal others.

January 19 – Moon in Cancer. Today is the last day of Capricorn and the day before an eclipse. Do projects around the house. Spend time with your family. Nurture those who need some TLC. Cook comfort foods and share them with your loved ones and your neighbors. It’s a day to get cozy and warm and stay home.

January 20 – Moon in Cancer, VC 8:50 pm until 10:54 pm when it enters Leo. The Sun enters Aquarius at 4 am. The energy has changed from the material plane to the intellectual one – things vs. thoughts. Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse further jangles the day. Have a day of rest and relaxation. Go outside tonight after midnight to see the eclipse.

January 21 – Moon in Leo. Because of the aura of the eclipse, the day is not great for work and is best spent in play. Mars challenges Saturn who will set up obstacles for you to overcome when you start anything. If you have skipped steps and not done something the right way, you will find out about it. Everyone needs some extra hugs and kisses today.

January 22 – Moon in Leo, VC 8:19 pm. It’s a lucky day as the two benifics, Venus and Jupiter, join together to make your wishes come true. Open your heart and move forward with confidence that you can do good deeds which will be rewarded. Buy tickets for travel, apply for further education, and send in proposals for your next creative project.

January 23 – Moon in Virgo. You’ll feel satisfied being the busy beaver and cleaning fixing, and sorting things out. You need to do tomorrow’s work today so postpone those naps and idle periods and keep on working. Make appointments for medical and dental care for you and your pets. Shop at the health food store. Pay attention to your diet and exercise regime.

January 24 – Moon in Virgo, VC 8:50 am. Mercury enters Aquarius and sends your mind to far out places. Play catch up with all those things you’ve put off to do another day. You’ll be happy sorting, filing, recycling, discarding, and cleaning while you think unusual thoughts. Give the dog a bath, clean the bird cage and cat box. If you still have time, clean out your closet and/or desk drawers.

January 25 – Moon in Libra. There is an emphasis on the element of air today and tomorrow. This clears your  mind and lets you be objective when you think. It is easier to detach from worries and from your ego concerns and thus see the big picture. You need to be free of restrictions and let your energy take you to new places, both in the inner world and outer world.

January 26 – Moon in Libra. It’s a good day for social encounters and for giving a party. People have a need to talk and share ideas. You can have that important discussion about rebalancing the relationship with your partner without getting too emotional. Buy a new piece of art or some item of beauty. You’ll want to redecorate your home so that there is more space.

January 27 – Moon in Scorpio. The lovely period of detachment is over and now you’re back into your personal cares. You’ll find other people will be as self-absorbed as you are today. Spend time alone so you can focus on your inner life and own desires. You can get to the bottom of something that has been puzzling you.

January 28 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 5:39 pm. You have the ability to persevere with what you are researching or looking for. You’ll stick with it as long as it is something you care about. Today’s energy pulls you inside yourself so you will want to work by yourself. You don’t have the patience for small talk. Watch mystery shows tonight or read a good thriller.

January 29 – Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 9:33 am. The Sun and Mercury meet in the thought provoking sign of Aquarius. Be open minded and make mental space for all kinds of new ideas. It’s a great day to study, join a brain storming group, or just allow thoughts to enter your head. It is a good day to put into action all the ideas that have been in your head since Mercury went direct in early December.

January 30 – Moon in Sagittarius. You need to be free today. You want to be independent of restraining influences. Leave the routine stuff for another day and  move around as much as you can. Your powers of salesmanship are strong. Contact your international friends and business colleagues. Make plans for your long distance travel.

January 31 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 5:33 pm until 7:47 pm when it enters Capricorn. You will be idealistic and tend to see the best of everything. You may even spout philosophy to your colleagues. It’s is a good day to work in a group , one that has no rules, and see what ideas come forward. You can teach, lecture, and sell anyone anything today. Make plans tonight.


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