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The first week of February is special as all the planets are still in direct motion. This is in effect until February 6, the day when Jupiter turns retrograde. Jupiter has been moving through Libra since mid-September and has offered you a chance to refresh your relationships and create new ones. He has assisted in artistic endeavors and urged you to travel to beautiful places. It is a special year for those with personal planets in Libra and those who are born with Jupiter in Libra. He will be moving backwards until June 9, going from 23 degrees of Libra to 13 degrees.

There are two eclipses in February – a Lunar eclipse at 22 degrees of Leo on February 10 and a Solar eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces on February 26. This upsets the energy of the month, brings up issues from the past, and gives you an occasion to get rid of all kinds of baggage. Those with planets close to the eclipse degrees are the most effected.

Venus will go into retrograde motion in March. Venus rules both love and money. Use this month to make important financial decisions.

February 1 – Moon in Aries. Don’t waste any time, or get distracted, but move ahead with your personal agenda. All the planets are in direct motion for one more week and that’s it for the rest of the year, so don’t fritter away this opportunity to get things going. You need to work on your own today as other people’s issues will slow you down.

February 2 – Moon in Aries, VC from 11:50 am until 8:50 pm when it enters Taurus. Get up early and use the morning to grab new any new prospects that are still available.  Your ideas will be seen as new and radical but you need to rally and speak out. Send out proposals and applications. Take time in the afternoon for vigorous exercise. Watch Groundhog Day tonight.

February 3 – Moon in Taurus. Venus enters Aries and tells you to please yourself now. Shop for items you need for your work. Buy plants and seeds and soil to re-pot your house plants. You won’t feel as driven today and can relax a bit. Examine your financial situation and make necessary changes to your investments. Do what you can to keep what you own as secure as possible.

February 4 – Moon in Taurus, VC 5: 42 pm. It’s an earthy day, one to pamper your senses. Shop for new clothes, jewelry, and beautiful objects for your home. You will find bargains in the sales and in the thrift shops. Appreciate this day where there is sold footing and stable energy. It’s the night to forget about the diet and go out for a gourmet dinner and a yummy dessert.

February 5 – Moon in Gemini. There’s an emphasis on the Air element with its connection to thought and communication. Make phone calls, catch up on emails, tweets, and texts to favorite friends. Check in with your siblings and see them if possible. You need to stay in motion and visit people and talk with them. Have fun playing word games and puzzles tonight.

February 6 – Moon in Gemini, VC 5:53 pm. Jupiter turns retrograde early this morning. The golden period is over and you’ll start to feel some backwash on your projects. Today has good energy for multi-tasking so you will get a lot accomplished. You can still push your ideas and you’ll see that the original ones fare better.

February 7 – Moon in Cancer. Mercury enters Aquarius and he opens your mind to new theories. He helps you to act on your ideals. Call Mom and see how she’s doing and if she needs anything besides some loving words. Check in on older women you know who would like to hear from you. Listen to what your feelings tell you. Cook someone’s favorite dinner tonight.

February 8 – Moon in Cancer, VC 5 pm. When you need to make a decision, use your feelings, although your mind will want to override that process. Your gut reaction gives you good information. It may be twinging as it feels the approaching lunar eclipse which can indicate some loss and letting go. Take care of family responsibilities today.

February 9 – Moon in Leo. Both your physical and mental energy are running high and you need to bring some excitement into the day. Break your routine and seek out the odd and unusual. Be creative when you alter your daily patterns. You want to have fun today to spice up the mid-winter doldrums. Take the kids, yours or someone else’s, and have an adventure.

February 10 – Moon in Leo. Today’s full moon is a Lunar eclipse. What you do today will have repercussions in August when there is a Solar eclipse in these same signs. This full Moon is a call for love and brotherhood/sisterhood. It bestows power on those who gather in unity. Your thoughts and words will have meaning when they are spoken and written with love.

February 11 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 8:52 am. Today is a lucky day when the Sun and Jupiter dance in happiness. You can make good decisions if you choose the bigger and better option. Revitalize your partnerships with meaningful conversations and daring actions. You have a chance to clean up old messes, both physical and emotional.

February 12 – Moon in Virgo. It’s a clean up, catch up, fix up day, preferable done to lively music. Extend this work energy to things that you would do tomorrow so you can do them under a direct moon. Take another look at your diet and your exercise regimen and see what you can do to keep yourself healthier. You’ll have the discipline to eat well today.

February 13 – Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 3:43 pm. It’s a day when it’s best to tread water and keep things as is. Finish up old work projects and then do the tedious stuff – the filing, recycling, discarding. You’ll have the attention to give to the details of life. Plan a nice evening with your partner or best friend. Treat them to something special.

February 14 – Moon in Libra. This is the perfect moon for Valentine’s Day. You can do and say things that will stabilize the relationship. Show your love and appreciation to the people in your life who mean a lot to you. Buy pretty things and flowers as gifts. You can make peace where there has been friction. It is easy to find the right words to say today.

February 15 – Moon in Libra, VC 8:54 pm. Today is the last day for months when you can access the gift of thought provided by the air signs. You will find the right words to be tactful, yet get what you want. It’s a perfect day to negotiate deals and contracts. Have that serious one-to-one talk with your partner and bring up the things you usually put aside. Buy a flowering plant to liven up your indoor space.

February 16 – Moon in Scorpio. Your emotional mind takes charge today. Mercury and Mars mix their energies and help you to write, speak, email, text, and express what you are thinking and feeling. You can go in depth with one project today and stick with it until it’s finished. Write in your journal and recap how you’ve felt for the past few months.

February 17 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 2:38 pm. You can start the weekend early if you wrap up the week’s work by early afternoon. Today is the last day of Aquarius with its rebellious and independent energy. Take a stand for a favorite cause. Sign petitions and make donations. Get personally involved in a group effort to make a difference.

February 18 – Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 1:52 pm. The Sun enters Pisces at 6:32 am. You’ll feel the change in energy as we begin the time of the year when your inner life is highlighted. It is a time of hibernation on all levels. Spend as much of the weekend as you can having fun with outdoor winter sport activities. You need to expand out as well as in.

February 19 – Moon in Sagittarius. If you can’t get away for the whole weekend, take a day trip to somewhere you’ve never been and where you can be active inside your head or with your body. If you can’t go skiing, go to a museum or a lecture. It’s a weekend to feed your mind and exercise your body. Jupiter rules the day and he wants you to accept his offers to grow in every way.

February 20 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC 6:37 pm. Start the week riding this wave of renewed enthusiasm. You can dream big dreams and look ahead towards creating a positive future. Think about the story of The Little Engine That Could and make “I think I can” your new mantra. Call a friend who’s having a hard time and make him/her laugh.

February 21 – Moon in Capricorn. Focus on your work and how to advance your career. Make a plan and a schedule that’s realistic to keep. This is the day of the week to write so sit down and do it. Your words will flow from your mind to your hands. See where you have been procrastinating and tell yourself stop and get it done.

February 22 – Moon in Capricorn. Mars challenges Pluto and ask you to take action to undermine old institutions that need to be rebuilt. It’s a day to act for the change you want to see. You can be the rebel that works within the system. Get rid of what’s old and moldy in your life. Make today a day that you’ll look back on and remember.

February 23 – Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 12:17 pm. Use the morning hours to finish up what you’ve begun and then to reorganize your work space. Clean out your inbox. The words you write and say this afternoon will have a long-lasting effect so you need to think before you speak or send out that text or tweet. Attend a community meeting tonight or go to your book club.

February 24 – Moon in Aquarius. You’ll want to use your time and energy to give to others in need. Make an extra effort to help where you can. You’ll be more effective when you act in a group than by yourself. Share your ideas and ideals with others. Relax tonight by watching a sci fi video that takes your mind into outer space or into the future. 

February 25 – Moon in Aquarius, VC from 1:11 pm until 7:24 pm when it enters Pisces. Mercury enters Pisces tonight and you’ll see your thoughts change and become more sensitive, less abstract. You’ll feel that we are close to the next eclipse and it will dissipate some of your energy. Don’t try to keep with the schedule you’d planned for the day. Tonight is the dark of the Moon.

February 26 – Moon in Pisces. Today’s psychic sensitive, spiritual new Moon is eclipsed. It is an auspicious day for spiritual pursuits. Meditate by water, or hold the image of the ocean in your mind. Listen to sacred music. Speak with your spirit guides. Let go of all attachments. Today’s eclipse will help you release old pains and sorrows.

February 27 – Moon in Pisces, VC 6:08 pm. You’ve got that day after feeling following yesterday’s powerful eclipse. Mars confronts Jupiter and asks if everything is really all right in your partnership or if you need to change something. People may be aggressive in their actions so stand your ground but try not to fight back. You can find it’s lucky if you use this energy in the right way.

February 28 – Moon in Aries. You can push softly for what you want and let your needs be known. Initiate something that’s on your list of how to move closer to the future you desire. Be careful of any scheme that promises immediate results. If you feel unsettled after the weekend’s eclipse, find a competitive way to dispel excess energy.

































































































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