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JULY 2018

July begins this unusual retrograde Summer. Mars is now moving backwards and will do so all month. Let things proceed like a wind-up toy moving step by step. Stay flexible and be ready and willing to change your mind. You need to rethink the direction of your life. Are you done with what you have been dong and ready for a new challenge in your life. This summer is the time to ponder over that idea.

Mercury goes retrograde on July 26. He will be in retrograde motion until August 19, moving backwards in Leo. Mars is moving backwards in Aquarius. The parts of your chart that holds that polarity is where you feel the need to revise your life.

There is a Solar Eclipse on July 13 at 20 degrees of Cancer. It will bring change to home, family, and your emotional life.

July 1 – Moon in Aquarius, VC 6:38 pm. This is a barren moon for planting, but great for weeding and mowing the lawn. Take a few minutes to think about your dreams and wishes and envision your future. Make a mental list for the things you wish to do this Summer. Join in on a community event to meet people and make new friends.

July 2 –Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 1:31 pm. As you start the workweek remember that Mars is now retrograde and adjust to this change in energy. Get used to listening to your right brain and letting logic take a back seat. Ask for assistance when your electronics and other technology start to give you problems. Give help to others who are in need of something you can do.

July 3 – Moon in Pisces. There is an emphasis on the water element which strengthens your intuition and your feeling nature. Your sensitivity can lead you towards a lucky outcome. Pay attention to your dreams, both the sleeping and waking kinds. It’s a fertile day for planting.

July 4 – Moon VC Pisces. It’s a perfect day for a holiday. You will benefit from being near, in, on, or looking at water. Drift along on the currents of the day. Surrender to life and let go of thinking you should be doing anything specific. Stay aware of when you need to put up some boundaries if anyone is trying to influence or pressure you.

July 5 – Moon in Aries. Today is one of the lucky days in the year. Buy raffle and lottery tickets. You can go for what you want as long as it is nothing radically new. Follow your gut feelings, not your mind. Pick up your old projects and see how you need to rewrite and edit, or if you have totally lost interest in them. The Moon and Chiron meet in Aries and offer ideas on how to heal that wound in your self-esteem.

July 6 – Moon in Aries. You have the energy to take action and get a lot done that has been nagging at you. Curb your impatience and hold back on starting something new. Stick with short jobs. Try to be proactive and accomplish the important things that need to be done next week. If you still have energy, take a long run, hike, bike tonight.

July 7 – Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus 8:51 am.  It’s a good weekend to take a vacation, even if you don’t go anywhere. Give yourself permission to be lazy and self-indulgent. Putter around in the garden, go to the park or the beach, or just lie in the hammock and space out. Check the Farmers Markets for fresh produce and homemade goodies. Forget your diet and eat your favorite foods.

July 8 – Moon in Taurus. The Sun and Neptune twirl in a watery whirl and take you to other worlds. The keywords for the day are Spirituality, Service, and Surrender. Don’t try to do much today, best to stay in a receptive, meditative mode. The best action will in helping others. Bring a meal and flowers to an invalid or elderly person who can’t get out. 

July 9 – Moon in Taurus, VC from 12:10 pm to 12:58 pm when it enters Gemini. It’s a good day to revisit the work you did this spring and see where you need to edit and revise. Save making the phone calls and sending emails and texts until the afternoon. Venus enters Virgo and she helps you give you a critical look at your love and money issues.

July 10 – Moon in Gemini, VC 4:01 pm. Jupiter ends his backwards motion and turns direct today. Resist the impulse to make premature decisions as this energy makes you jumpy and want to make a move towards bigger and better things. Think of what you want to start and write down your ideas so you can implement them once Mars is in forward motion.

July 11 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 1:58 pm. There will be a bit of excitement today. You can look for hidden treasure of all kinds and will find it in the most unexpected places. Don’t do anything of a serious or important nature as we can sense the energy of tomorrow’s eclipse. You can plant. Tonight is a very special dark of the moon – celebrate family.

July 12 – Moon in Cancer. We will not see this partial eclipse of the Sun but we will feel it. The Sun and Pluto have their yearly stand-off and they bring up power issues. Emotions will run high over family matters. Know that what ends today is truly over. Meditate on a seed popping out of the earth and growing.

July 13 – Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 1:31 pm. You’ll feel the aura of the eclipse afterglow and it will be hard to stay on track. You will do the best you can but will keep drifting away into the world of feelings. Start the weekend early if you can and vow to yourself that you’ll have some Summer fun.

July 14 – Moon in Leo, VC7:12 pm. Enjoy the things you can only do in this season. Spend the days with kids and become one once again as you play with them. Venus and Saturn urge you to get serious about your relationships to the point of making a commitment and seeing the bottom line They help you solidify your connection. Realize the value of what you have and who you are with and count your blessings.

July 15 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 1:31 pm. Be a lazy lion this morning. Sleep and eat and cuddle your cubs. You’ll want to get busy tidying and cleaning in the afternoon. Sit down and reorganize both your work and play schedules now that you are aware of the disruptions caused by Mars being in retrograde motion. Stay flexible and be helpful.

July 16 – Moon in Virgo. You have to do two days’ work today. Look around the workplace and see what needs to be fixed or upgraded. You can do the repairs right now but its best to wait to buy new equipment. Take care of all those bothersome details that are still not finished. Take another look at your diet and see what you need to cut out or add in.

July 17 – Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 3:42 pm. Put one foot in front of the other and get through the day step by step, word by word. Recycle as much as you can. Go through the file cabinets and see what you can discard. Clean the coffee maker. You can go out and have fun this evening. Have a surprise date with your loved one or best friend.

July 18 – Moon in Libra. Enter into negotiations for any long-standing dispute that you want to get settled. You can find the win-win solution if you try hard enough. You can clear the air with friends and family over disagreements. Do a little bit of redecorating, even if it’s just moving the pictures around on the wall or shelves. Get rid of piles of clutter.

July 19 – Moon in Libra, VC from 3:52 pm until 9:13 pm when it enters Scorpio. It’s natural for your enthusiasm to start ebbing as the day goes on. Keep on with what you’ve started. Treat a friend or co-worker to lunch or dinner. Have a quiet night and catch up on your personal projects. Get to bed early so you will be well rested for the weekend.

July 20 – Moon in Scorpio. Today and tomorrow are excellent days to plant. This is the last time when both the Sun and Moon will be in fertile water signs this summer. It’s also the last time your intuition and sensitivity are enhanced to this degree. Pay attention to what you are feeling. Try to read the omens that nature is giving you.

July 21 – Moon in Scorpio. Continue putting in a second planting so you can have a good Fall crop. Spend time by yourself to renew your inner resources. You will need them next week. This is a good day to be a bit self-absorbed and focus on your needs and your pleasures after you take care of your home and family. Today is the last full day of Cancer.

July 22 – Moon in Sagittarius. The Sun enters Leo at 5:01 pm. It’s a lucky day when the red carpet of opportunities rolls out in front of you. You have the optimism and enthusiasm to get what you want. Stay outdoors and roam around without a plan or a map. Leave the phone at home. It’s a night to express your love to all that you love.

July 23 – Moon in Sagittarius. This is the most stable day of the week. Although you may want to play, you need to remember that we are approaching an eclipse and that Mercury will turn retrograde on Thursday. Do the Mercury tasks – make orders, send emails, sign documents, finalize deals, mail packages, and make sure that both your computer and car are working correctly.

July 24 – Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 5:49 pm. You won’t get much done, and can’t make decisions, so go into Summer mode and surf the energy of the day. Venus and Neptune put their magic glasses on you so you can forget about the harshness in the world. You can act out your fantasies and then Saturn will set you straight tonight.

July 25 – Moon in Capricorn. Mercury is standing still and getting ready to take his summer vacation. The Sun gets a push from Uranus but you must resist the urge for impulsive action. Embrace the unexpected and accept a new feeling of confidence that comes from Chiron supporting the Sun. Put things in place so you can stay on an even keel during the next three weeks.

July 26 – Moon in Capricorn, VC 9:41 am. Mercury turns retrograde at 1:03 am. Let go of all you’d planned to do and let the energy of tomorrow’s eclipse revitalize you to pick up old artistic projects. Let the unused segments of your creativity come out of hiding. When you look backwards during the next three weeks you will find hidden treasures.

July 27 – Moon in Aquarius. Today’s lunar eclipse is very powerful as Mars connects to it. We won’t see it but will definitely feel it. You will be asked, or forced, to shed longstanding opinions and open your mind to thoughts and things that seemed too far out for you. You’ll feel the tug between head and heart. Venus and Pluto allow you to see the beauty in truth and truth in beauty.

July 28 – Moon in Aquarius. It’s the hangover feeling from the eclipse. Spend your day in thought not action, thinking not doing. Join in a group activity and become part of a larger purpose. You can have some profound discussions with those who share your passions. Get anything done today that you would do tomorrow. 

July 29 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 7:28 pm. Go on a vacation, create a mini-retreat, and let the energy of the day flow over you. Write down the thoughts and visions that come to mind to reread and maybe use another day. Let go of all judgements and keep a beginner’s mind. Enjoy the fun of Summer.

July 30 – Moon in Pisces.  The image for the next two days is white water rafting. You must let the river of life carry you along and it’s easiest if you don’t struggle against it. You can plant and put in seeds that will bring you a late Fall harvest. You can help wherever you see need. Be generous with donations of money, time, and food.

July 31 – Moon in Pisces, VC 8:42 pm. Escape as much as you can today. It’s a good day for artistic work, whether producing or admiring. Buy a new piece of art that represents something or someplace you love. Immerse yourself in water if you can, if you can’t, close your eyes and listen to music. You’ll feel best when doing for and giving to others.

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