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APRIL 2014

April 2014 is a wild month. There are two eclipses – a Lunar eclipse on April 15 to add more tension to tax day, and a solar eclipse on April 29. The lunar eclipse is at 25 degrees of Libra, next to Mars, and the Solar is at 8 degrees of Taurus. If you have planets at or near those degrees, you will feel the effect of the eclipses strongly and there will be big changes in your life. The last two weeks of the month will be unstable, like trying to keep your balance while standing up in a canoe.

Pluto, Uranus, Mars, and Jupiter form a square by degrees and signs. This is a signal of tension and is another herald of big change. Something that started in the mid-sixties and has been developing since then will erupt. It’s like turning up the heat on a pot that has been simmering and watching it spill over the top. Anyone with planets at 13-15 degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Libra, and Cancer must be ready for their world to be shaken up.

Mars continues to move backwards all month making you feel like you’re trying to run in a swampy marsh. Take deep breaths and stay loose. This too shall pass.

April 1 – Moon in Taurus. Today is a fertile day and you can use it to grow more than seeds. It’s a good day to expand your business or artistic ventures. Make some conservative changes to your investments. You can find bargains where you least imagine them if you keep your eyes open. Keep your April Fools pranks on the earthy side.

April 2 –Moon in Taurus. Today is a better day to ply your April fools pranks since with the Sun meeting Uranus everything is upside down. Life will hand you unexpected opportunities. You need to let your eccentric side out to play. Write down your dreams, both the sleeping and awake kind. You’ll want to use the ideas in them later on. It’s a good day to do research on material matters.

April 3 – Moon in Gemini. Don’t look for stability as the Sun and Pluto square off to shake up the day. You’ll have to let go of what is used up and done with even though you don’t want to. Something is working its way up from the depths of your psyche and you need to make room for it. You will have to upset the apple cart as you struggle to get out from under someone’s control.

April 4 – Moon in Gemini. There’s lots of energy to keep you buzzing around and interacting with lots of people while you get your work done. Stick to short tasks. Try not to get distracted by gossip or by the fun stuff on the Internet. You’ll find the words to communicate what you feel when you are asked for your opinion. Don’t leave anything important for tomorrow, do it now.

April 5 – Moon in Gemini, VC from 10:55 am until 5:40 pm when it enters Cancer. Your mind will enjoy the free time of this VC day. Have fun browsing bookstores, libraries, listening to lectures and talks, and going to museums. Call up some friends or relatives you haven’t seen in a long time and try to see them today. Venus enters Pisces, a sign she excels in, and offers you an insight into your ability for universal love and compassion.

April 6 – Moon in Cancer. It’s a family day when it will feel good to hang out at home with kids and pets and favorite objects. Cook your childhood comfort foods and let the food soothe you. It’s a super fertile day for planting so the time you spend in the garden will bear good results. Make some wishes and ask for them to come true.

April 7 – Moon in Cancer, VC 2:14 pm. Let your feelings tell you what are the most important things to do first. You may feel blocked in your actions by other people’s emotional outbursts. Everyone is sensitive today. Mercury enters Aries to give your mind a sharp, focused, hot way of thinking.  He helps you get right to the point but also makes you impatient with some one else’s wordiness. Recheck the smoke alarms and other safety devices in your home.

April 8 – Moon in Leo. There’s fire in the air and you’ll want to rush out and roar. Today is the mid point of the Mars retrograde period. You may have some moments of explosive outbursts that come from the past weeks of frustration. It may be time to reconsider any new direction you’ve headed towards. Stay loving and kind as you address imbalances in your relationships.

April 9 – Moon in Leo. You have a large amount of energy to pursue your passions. You’ll do best working on your own agenda and at your own pace as you do not want to be told what to do. You must express your creativity in some way once you get today’s and tomorrow’s work done. Go out on a special date with your loved one.

April 10 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 6:08 pm. Today is a good day to send in your taxes so they will slip in under the radar. Recreate your childhood sense of wonder about the world and look at everything and everyone you see today with a child’s innocence. Turn your daily work into a game. Save the important communications until this evening.

April 11 – Moon in Virgo. You will have to slow down to pay attention to what you are doing and ignore the part of you that wants to run ahead and leave things unfinished. It’s a big picture vs. little details of life conflict. It will be a very romantic evening with fantasies taking over, the kind of night when her godmother appeared to Cinderella.  Act out your dreams.

April 12 – Moon in Virgo, VC 1:12 pm. Work hard in the morning and get your chores done. It’s a day to fix things and make preparations for Spring. Sort through your closets, pantry, and medicine chests and look for things that need to be thrown away or recycled. Take the dog for a long walk – it will be good for both of you.

April 13 – Moon in Libra. This will be a lovely day. Put your worries aside and create a peaceful space where you can relax. Buy some flowering bushes or a new houseplant. Go look at art and then wander around and take pictures. Make sure to do something with a friend, partner, or lover. If you have something you need to talk about, it’s a good time to do so. Enjoy today’s serenity, as the next few days will be rocky ones.

April 14 – Moon in Libra. Pluto turns retrograde at 7:44 pm. Pluto is known to upset the day when he changes direction so be careful and watch your back. Tomorrow’s eclipse is also stirring up the energy and nothing will be as you thought it would be. Take action, even if it’s symbolic, to turn things in the direction you want them to go. Affirmations are powerful and helpful today.

April 15 – Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 12: 20 pm. Today’s full moon is eclipsed and marks the beginning of a two week period when things are upsetting, not stable. It is a good day to let go of old patterns of behavior and response. Give serious thought to all relationships and take action if some have run their course and have no life left in them. Make sure that your present day circumstances are not limited by past actions.

April 16 – Moon in Scorpio. Try to diffuse any irritation that came out of yesterday’s discussions. Eclipses do rock the boat. You have the energy to speak your mind and will say what needs to be said but keep your anger in check. Let go of negative feelings. It is a fertile day for planting perennials and berry bushes. Write in your journal tonight.

April 17 – Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 5:44 pm. It’s an expansive, blow open your boundaries, type of day. Luck is with you, though it’s better to wait until tonight to buy those lottery tickets or take a big step. You want to stay active and can put your energy towards finishing things. Go swimming if you can. Once the moon is in Sagittarius, be as bold as you can be.

April 18 – Moon in Sagittarius. Take a personal day, if you can, to go on a trip, or take a workshop to learn something new.  If you have to finish up the week at work, put your energy to selling ideas or products. You can instruct co-workers on how to do things with greater emphasis. Do any of the work that involves international business. Go out tonight and look at the stars.

April 19 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 9:17 pm until 9:28 pm when it enters Capricorn. The Sun enters Taurus at 11:56 pm. Today is the last full day of Aries and the last day when there is an abundance of fiery energy to get you moving. Stay active – go hiking, take a course, teach a course, do some exploring. Do what you want to do  – you don’t want to be limited and need the freedom to roam.

April 20 – Moon in Capricorn. You’ll feel connected to the earth, literally. The Sun and Moon in earth signs grounds you and changes your perspective. Your thinking is practical and you want to plan ahead. It is beneficial to slow down and be aware of the stressful patterns of energy that the outer planets are making. Proceed with compassion and strive to heal the earth, her animals, and your fellow human beings.

April 21 – Moon in Capricorn, VC 7:21 pm. You want to keep everything organized and in order, but forces beyond your control with cause eruptions and explosions. Something that started a very long time ago is being activated. Stay safe and away from potentially dangerous areas. Put your efforts into work and improving your daily output.

April 22 – Moon in Aquarius. This is not a day to rest. You will be dealing with some interesting and exciting events as Mars gooses Jupiter to deliver some golden opportunities. You’ll feel the conflict between thinking about them and having to go and grab them. Today is not a day to be lazy or you’ll miss out on something special that is being offered to you.

April 23  – Moon in Aquarius, VC 12:10 pm. The excitement continues with Mars pushing up against Pluto and standing opposite Uranus. He is revving up the energy for major change. Get ready to step out of the way and also to let go of whatever shakes loose. Mercury moves into Taurus to give you down to earth thoughts about what is going on.

April 24  – Moon in Pisces. Take some deep breaths and move into your heart center.  This is a week of extreme and unusual planetary events. You will need to sit and repeat, “This too shall pass.” Your intuition gives you guidance on what to say, do, and where to go. Everyone is having a tough time so be sure to extend your time and energy to those who are in need of them. It will help you if you help others.

April 25 – Moon in Pisces, VC 4:03 pm. This is a fertile day when dreams can come true, so take some time in the morning to write them down. You can settle any money issues that have been dragging on. It’s a day to propose to your loved one or to find another way to cement your relationship. Pay attention to the ideas that enter your head, as you will be using them in the future.

April 26 – Moon in Aries. This is a weekend to do what you want to do. Think of it as the Universe giving you a few personal days. Hold back on planting but it’s a great day to prune and mow the lawn, or get a haircut. Try creative writing in a new style or make a video. Run a race or try an extreme sport. Test your courage by facing a fear.

April 27 – Moon VC Aries. Don’t even try to get anything important done. Just follow your fancy and do what comes to mind. The Sun and Neptune have a pleasant connection and they take you into other worlds through imagination and fantasy. You’ll be moved to stay active so do what feels like fun to you.

April 28 – Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus 10:23 am. This is an old moon on the day before a powerful solar eclipse. It’s another day to hold back on initiating new projects. Take it slow and easy. It’s okay to feel tired so try to take a nap when you can. This is good energy for getting rid of stuff and taking it to the recycling center or thrift store.

April 29 – Moon in Taurus. Today is the new moon and a solar eclipse. Something new is starting which can increase the comfort level of your material world. Spend some time appreciating nature and contemplate the serenity of the earth element that manifests in this season. Plant a tree. Take time for prayer or reciting mantras. It is a spiritually auspicious day when you will receive great benefit from meditation.

April 30 – Moon in Taurus, VC from 11:53 am until 4:56 pm when it enters Gemini. The energy is still unsettled from yesterday’s eclipse. Do what you need to do during the morning or late afternoon and spend the middle of the day on a long lunch with friends or taking a walk in the woods. Quiet your mind so you can listen to what your inner voice is saying to you.

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