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I am pleased to be able to present my Astrology Column directly to you on this website. I hope reading it regularly becomes a positive addition to your life. If this is your first time reading this column, you may find How To Read This Column useful. Consider, too, getting a chart reading so that you will be able to fine-tune this column to your own chart.




November slides by without any major astrological events. Both Neptune and Chiron end their retrograde periods and by turning into direct motion they give the area in your chart that holds the sign of Pisces a boost of energy.

Saturn is now moving through the last degrees of Scorpio, which is a place he hasn’t yet been to. If you have planets in 26-30 degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, or Aquarius, you will be feeling Saturn’s harsh but meaningful lessons for your growth. He will be entering Sagittarius in December.

Many of the continuing conflicts concerning individual freedom and expression challenging what is established and traditional in your life continue. You’ll feel the issues that were hot last Spring return to give you another chance to solve them.

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November 1 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 12:37 pm. It’s a good day to stay active and get a lot done while you flow through the day. Don’t try to stick to a schedule but take side paths when they appear. You’ll have some meaningful encounters and opportunities for lots of conversation. Enjoy the lingering light of this last longish day.

November 2 – Moon in Pisces. Turn your clocks back one hour and try to adjust to the min-jet lag feeling of the time change. Today is the beginning of the dark season and a good time to turn within. Start, or return to, your meditation practice. Seek out solitude. Plant an indoor bulb so that you will have a bright flower when you need one.

November 3 – Moon VC Pisces, enters Aries 1:53 pm. Finish up old jobs as you ease into the week. Get ready to move once the moon changes sign. The morning is good for all kinds of therapy. The afternoon is when you want to start new projects and make important changes in your schedules and in your long-range plans.

November 4 – Moon in Aries. It’s now time to put the ideas you thought of while Mercury was retrograde into action. You can’t help but stay very active as both the Sun and Moon are in signs ruled by Mars. Keep doing your own things so you don’t get frustrated or into conflict with someone else who wants you to follow their agenda. Watch your temper and avoid confrontations. Do tomorrow’s important work today.

November 5 – Moon in Aries, VC from 8:25 am until 4:33 pm when it enters Taurus. Use the long VC period to do inner work. Make amends to others and forgive yourself where necessary so you can start again. Try to look at and heal old wounds so you can be done with them. Pamper your body tonight as part of your healing work.

November 6 – Moon in Taurus. Today’s full moon shines with Venus close by. Make this a day of love and beauty. Go shopping for aromatherapy oils, incense, and perfumes. Buy some clothes that feel soft and sensuous. Splurge on your favorite chocolates. Buy a piece of art or a photograph that you’ll enjoy looking at everyday.

November 7 – Moon in Taurus, VC from 11:17 am until it enters Gemini at 8:45 pm. Push yourself to get the whole day’s work done in the morning hours. Start the weekend early if you can. Find time to get a massage or some sort of bodywork. Today is the slow day of the weekend so cook to have meals on hand.

November 8 – Moon in Gemini. It’s a run around, doing a lot of errands, taking short trips, and talking with your neighbors kind of day. Mercury reenters Scorpio as he traces the path he followed during his retrograde phase. You get a second chance to do it again and do it the way you want to. Take a writing workshop or just spend some time writing.

November 9 – Moon in Gemini, VC 11:22 am. Today is a lovely, loving day. Jupiter and Venus join to offer you love and the best of everything. It’s a day for thinking and rethinking about your money and possessions. You can take a break from the problems in your love life and just have a day when all is well. Catch up on phone calls.

November 10 – Moon in Cancer. Mars and Pluto meet and they push issues to a resolution or an evolution. There is a potential for violence, both physical and emotional, so be cautious where you go and what you do. You can’t hide anymore as stuff will surface and squeeze through any cracks in your defenses. You’ll need to eat your comfort food tonight.

November 11 – Moon in Cancer. It’s a watery day when your intuition is strong. Don’t ignore what your inner voice is telling you. Your gut responses have great wisdom even though your mind doesn’t want to know. Cherish home and family and the safety you can find there. Call Mom and she if she needs anything.

November 12 – Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 1:44 pm. Venus meets up with Saturn and they give you a cold hard honest look at your love and money situation. You’ll see the bottom line and know what has to end. Mars challenges Uranus so you might feel like doing some thrill seeking or rebelling when you feel boxed in.

November 13 – Moon in Leo. The Sun and Jupiter give you opportunities to look at your own needs vs. those of another. It’s a chance to address the balance of holding on vs. giving. You’ll grow through making the effort. Keep your heart open and full of love when you make any decisions. Spoil the kids today.

November 14 – Moon in Leo, VC 9: 53 pm. Have fun today as you will want to work on the weekend. Leave the drudge stuff in the inbox and do the things that bring you joy. It’s a day and night to let your romantic self create some memories. Be generous with gifts, special treats, and with your hugs and kisses.

November 15 – Moon in Virgo. It’s a work-study day. Go down your list of household chores and get them all done. You won’t mind doing the detailed, boring work like cleaning, sorting, putting away, and making order out of mess. It’s a good day to learn something, attend a workshop or symposium. Stick to your diet and make a list of new healthy recipes.

November 16 – Moon in Virgo. It will be harder to stick to the list of things to do as Neptune is changing direction. He ends his retrograde period and begins to move forward, putting you in an otherworldly space. Venus enters Sagittarius and urges you to put more adventure in your life. She wants you to travel and explore as well as study something new.

November 17 – Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 2:30 pm. Start the week in clean up mode. Get done with the things you’ve been avoiding and are still hanging over your head and taking up space in your mind. If you work hard in the morning, you can reward yourself tonight with some social activity. Go out and see your friends.

November 18 – Moon in Libra. The Sun and Saturn have their annual business meeting today. They demand to see your bottom line and insist on total honesty. They examine your emotional state and ask you to face your fears. There will be big tests that make you acknowledge the facts. It’s a serious day.

November 19 – Moon in Libra, VC 9:25 am. Do all the important work and phone calls and emails in the early morning. Once the Moon goes void, you won’t have the focus and will feel like drifting and being lazy. Put work into straightening out your relationships and discussing the problems that you saw yesterday.

November 20 – Moon in Scorpio. The moon is closing down and is able to shower you with ancient wisdom. Be quiet and listen to what your inner voice is telling you. Dive into the realm of feelings while they are available to you. Venus and Neptune spur you to do something with this knowledge or to go learn more. Don’t be afraid to examine your dark side.

November 21 – Moon in Scorpio. Today is the last day of Scorpio with its penetrating perception. You can see into other people and grasp their motivations and insecurities. It’s a good day to give or get counseling. Write your deepest feelings in a journal and then hide it away to look at later on. Create a dark of the moon ritual that will act to enhance your psychic ability.

November 22 – Moon in Sagittarius. The Sun enters Sagittarius at 4:38 am. You’ll wake up to a different energy and feel livelier than you have in weeks. You’ll see further when you life the shades and will feel the urge to roam. Personal freedom is important now and you need to free yourself from as many restrictions as you can.

November 23 – Moon in Sagittarius. Enjoy the fiery energy of the day. You don’t want to sit still. It’s the perfect time to take a long hike, overdo it at the gym, or run a marathon. Make reservations and buy the tickets for your next adventure. Start a new course of study. Chiron turns into direct motion making it a day to get rid of any feelings of inadequacy you still have about your abilities.

November 24 – Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 11:31 am. After a slow start, you will buckle down to work and feel great about doing so. Get the weeks work done today and tomorrow. Take another upward step in your career. It’s a good time to ask for a promotion or give yourself a boost in responsibility.

November 25 – Moon in Capricorn. Your mind is sharp and you can cut to the quick when faced with dilemmas. You’ll say what you mean and can tell people hard truths. You will be very efficient today so it’s worth tackling the difficult things. Fill out applications and grant proposals. It’s a take care of business day.

November 26 – Moon in Capricorn, VC from 10:30 am until 2:23 pm when it enters Aquarius. Finish up the weeks work in the morning and get ready for the holiday. You’ll feel an urge to do something different and liven up the dinner menu. The Sun and Neptune square off which can distract you and make you more sensitive to drugs and alcohol. Be careful if you travel today.

November 27 – Moon in Aquarius. This is not the moon to give a warm fuzzy family feeling. You’ll notice people seeming detached and spending time inside their heads. Mercury enters Sagittarius, which will keep conversations interesting but the topics will veer towards the intellectual side. Have a happy Thanksgiving and be grateful for what you have.

November 28 – Moon in Aquarius, VC from 12:14 pm until 5:03 pm when it enters Pisces. Enjoy the day if you have it off from work. You will feel idealistic and can see the big picture. It’s a good time to think of the year(s) ahead and what you want to do. Reconnect with your loved ones in the evening and share some memories.

November 29 – Moon in Pisces. See where you can be helpful today. Visit an ill or elderly friend or relative and see what you can do for them. Use your intuition to tell you how they are and what will make them feel better. Volunteer at the animal shelter or food pantry. Escape for a while into a natural setting and let the spirits talk to you.

November 30 – Moon in Pisces, VC from 3:47 pm to 8:14 pm when it enters Aries. You won’t be able to think in a straight line so it’s best to let things happen rather than make them happen. Today may feel like a waking dream. Listen carefully to your inner voice and the wisdom it tells you. Stay alert if you are traveling.

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