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I am pleased to be able to present my Astrology Column directly to you on this website. I hope reading it regularly becomes a positive addition to your life. If this is your first time reading this column, you may find How To Read This Column useful. Consider, too, getting a chart reading so that you will be able to fine-tune this column to your own chart.




December 31 – Moon in Taurus. The year comes to a close in a down to earth and sensuous fashion. The last contact the Moon makes is with Jupiter, telling you to forget your diet and indulge yourself as you celebrate, even though you will have to pay for it tomorrow. Buy a new plant to symbolize the New Year.



Mercury turns retrograde on January 21. Use the first three weeks of the month to get things done – sign contracts, buy big ticket items, hire or fire employees, get a new job, send in applications and proposals for grants and scholarships, and be sure to get the car serviced. Mercury stops at 17 degrees f Aquarius and goes all the way back to one degree of that sign. Where Aquarius is in your chart is where you will have to do the most revisioning and rethinking. He returns to forward motion on February 11. (To learn more about Retrograde Mercury, click on Articles to find an essay about it).

Uranus and Pluto continue their tension and move in lockstep so they influence the whole month with issues of rebellion vs. slow undermining of outworn structures, be they material or political. The full moon on January 4 will set them off. January is a dynamic month, not a peaceful one.

There are many days with the Moon void-of-course for the whole day. Pay attention, especially when Mercury is retrograde. Be proactive and think and do things ahead of time.

January 1 – Moon in Taurus, VC from 7:19 am until it enters Gemini at 12:09 pm. Start the New Year with hot chocolate in bed while you write, type, or text your resolutions. Wait until the moon changes signs to start them. You’ll want to continue partying in the afternoon. It’s a good time to mix and mingle and talk to as many people as you can.

January 2 – Moon in Gemini. It’s a zippy kind of day when you will be flitting from person to person, thing to thing. You do have to stop and concentrate to make any important phone calls or emails that shouldn’t be left for tomorrow. You need to keep your mind busy, so it’s a good day to visit museums and libraries and art galleries. Spend some time with relatives or neighbors.

January 3 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 8:08 pm. The Moon is void so don’t start anything today. The Sun interacts with both Uranus and Pluto and tension rises to a peak. It’s best not to hold on too tightly to anything or anyone. Be careful as you go through the day. Venus enters Aquarius to show you how a bit of distance can be a good thing.

January 4 – Moon in Cancer. Mercury follows Venus into the sign of Aquarius and helps keep your thinking cool. They give your great ability for problem solving. Today’s full moon brings an appreciation of the gifts of home and family. Thank them by cooking a nice meal. You kindness and love will heal and sooth many rough edges for those you love.

January 5 – Moon VC Cancer. Wait until tomorrow to implement the changes you want to make for the New Year ahead. Let your gut tell you what to do as you go through the workday. Clean up your workspace and make it more comfortable. Finish up any correspondence that’s left over.  It’s time to put away all the holiday decorations.

January 6  – Moon in Leo. Now you can really start the New Year. Your creative side wants to express itself by making some innovations in your daily routine. Have confidence in your talents. You’ll feel generous and want to share what you know. Listen to your heart when you have to make business decisions. Smile at everyone you see.

January 7 – Moon in Leo. Be inspired and inventive, artistic and imaginative.  Let your ideas flow. Don’t be afraid to make a mess, since you can clean up later on in the week. Pay extra attention to the children in your life. It’s a day to be open hearted and giving. Buy a loved one that gift he/she wanted but didn’t get over the holiday, and be sure to give yourself something you really want.

January 8 – Moon in Leo, VC from 12:04 pm until 5:58 pm when it enters Virgo. Work hard in the afternoon and then take off from work, if you can, to play in the afternoon. Go to the gym or skating rink or art museum. Save the important phone calls and emails until the evening when your thinking is crisper and clearer. Do any necessary repairs tonight.

January 9 – Moon in Virgo. It’s a good day to put things in order. You can clean, file, throw away stuff that is just taking up space. You have the energy and concentration to handle all the dull and boring things that must be done. Do the tasks that need attention to detail. Clear out the old clutter to make room for the new piles that will inevitably grow.

January 10 – Moon in Virgo, VC 10:25 am. Run around and get the chores done in the morning so you can devote the VC afternoon to taking care of your body and your mind. Take yoga classes, have a massage. Go through your vitamin shelf and replace the out of date ones. Take the dog for a long walk. Go through the list of things that you haven’t done but would like to be able to cross off the things to do list.

January 11 – Moon in Libra. This is the social day of the weekend. Meet friends and family for brunch or invite people over for a potluck meal. Fulfill any social obligations. You’ll feel a conflict between duty and fun and may have to spend time with some people you don’t like. Bring beauty into your life by buying a new painting or photo for your walls or a new piece of jewelry for you to wear.

January 12 – Moon in Libra. This is the last full workweek before Mercury starts his retrograde movement on January 21. Fight the urge to goof off and do both today and tomorrow’s work, especially anything that has to do with legal contracts and signing agreements. Mars enters Pisces, which mellows your energy and turns your concerns towards helping and healing.

January 13 – Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 6:44 pm. Play catch up and keep busy. Redecorate your work and living space. Have some intimate one-on-one talks with a friend or co-worker. See where you can resolve tension and make peace. Save any especially important work for tonight.

January 14 – Moon in Scorpio. You’ll be happiest if you find something to work on that grabs your interest. You’ll want to go in depth today with whatever you do. Put yourself in a place where you won’t be interrupted while you work. You can investigate and uncover much that has been hidden, both at work and in your personal life. Change your passwords for better security.

January 15 – Moon in Scorpio, VC 6:52 pm. You’ll be able to work long and hard today. Mars and Saturn create a tension that makes sure you stick to the task. You may have to overcome feelings of inadequacy and some doubts that you are doing it well enough, but they won’t let you stop until you get it done. Try to let go of some old opinions and keep an open mind.

January 16 – Moon in Sagittarius. This is the first time that the Moon contacts Saturn in his new home of Sagittarius. They give you a different syllabus for your ongoing lessons. Start a new exercise/sports regime. Sign up for some classes to learn something that stretches your mind. Make reservations for a trip to a place you’ve never been to.

January 17 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC 2:25 pm. It’s a great weekend to go out and enjoy winter sports. If you live in a warm climate, you still need to be outside and active. Engage in friendly competition or try to beat your personal best. Make a new friend who shares one of your new interests. See a foreign movie tonight and eat an ethnic dinner.

January 18 – Moon in Capricorn. Work today. Your mind is clear and sharp and you need to take advantage of the time when Mercury is still in direct motion. You can’t get much done tomorrow since the moon is VC all day and it’s a holiday, so forget it’s Sunday and accomplish what you know you need to do. Make a schedule to follow for the next three weeks.

January 19 – Moon VC Capricorn. Chill out and relax. Stop worrying about if things were done the right way. Venus and Jupiter takes turns offering you love and luck from unexpected corners. Mars and Neptune give you spiritual blessings and tell you to be in a receptive mode. It’s a good day for pursuing your artistic projects if you let the inspiration come to you. Today is the last day of Capricorn. .

January 20 – Moon in Aquarius. The Sun enters Aquarius at 4:44 am. Today’s new moon emphasizes the power of thought. It gives you an opportunity to reprogram your thinking as the energy shifts to the thoughtful, full of thought sign of Aquarius. Today is the last day with Mercury in direct motion. You can feel him slowing down, getting ready to make his U-turn. Don’t be attached to any thoughts or agenda.

January 21 – Moon in Aquarius, VC 8:45 pm. Mercury turns retrograde at 10:54 am. He is close to the new moon and is asking you to rethink the projects and policies you just put into action. It’s time to review your thoughts, opinions, and concepts. The energy is unstable as you feel your way around, so try to keep to a well-trodden path.

January 22 – Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 7:48 am. Let your intuition tell you what to do today. It’s a day to float, drift, and dream. Do some creative visioning of what you see yourself doing in the next three months, next three years, and the next decade.  You need to do tomorrow’s important work, especially the phone calls, emails, and discussions.

January 23 – Moon VC Pisces. Today is a day to do inner work. You won’t accomplish much of anything in the outside world, but can be creative when you look within. It’s the perfect time for an inventory of your emotional and psychic life. Do some volunteer work and offer to help someone who needs a ride or some help shopping. Give a big donation to a charity.

January 24 – Moon VC Pisces, enters Aries 8:31 am. It’s another fiery weekend when you don’t want to sit at home and be bored. Get out and be a little crazy with winter sports or indoor athletics. Try new things to do, even if you only do it this one time. Go over the top and outside the box and off the rails and let this be a weekend to remember.

January 25 – Moon in Aries. You need to be free so you can be impetuous and follow the moment. Toss away any plans for the day and go and do what you want. You need days when you put yourself first and this is one of them. You’ll get impatient if you have to wait for anyone else to catch up to you. Keep a hold on your temper.

January 26 – Moon in Aries, VC from 9:23 am until 11:37 am when it enters Taurus. Remember that Mercury is retrograde as you start the workweek. It will be hard to put things on the back burner but you’ll lose some enthusiasm when the moon changes signs. Your common sense returns and you see how advantageous it is to move slowly.

January 27 – Moon in Taurus, VC 9:18 pm. Venus adds enters Pisces and she is able to spread love to all. She adds to the mellow mood of the day. Embrace your sensuality and pamper your body with fine foods, soft fabrics, and your favorite music. You do need to do tomorrow’s work today, so plan to coddle yourself some more tomorrow. Make an appointment for a massage or a facial.

January 28 – Moon VC Taurus, enters Gemini 5:36 pm. It’s another VC day during retrograde Mercury. It’s time to goof off and take a personal day if you can. If you must work, return to an old project that needs to be finished. Put aside all communications to do tonight. Take care of your houseplants and dream over the seed catalogues.

January 29 – Moon in Gemini. It’s a whirlwind of a day when you’ll want to keep busy and on the move. But, if you go too fast and skip steps, Mercury will chastise you. Try to slow down and double-check everything you email, text, and mail. You can easily overlook the mistyping and send the wrong message. Get tomorrow’s work done today.

January 30 – Moon VC Gemini. Today is the halfway point of this Mercury retrograde cycle. Be sure to write down the ideas that come flooding into your head. Venus and Saturn give you a stern look at the condition of your love life and at your financial situation. Look, think, but don’t act today. It’s a perfect time to sort though the piles of old letters, magazines, newspapers that are piling up.

January 31 – Moon in Cancer. Mars and Chiron give you the energy to affect all kinds of healing today. Devote the day to cleansing – your body, mind, and spirit. Use water by swimming, bathing, flushing your systems with healing herbs. Take a yoga class and do an extra long meditation. Cook a healthy dinner for your loved ones. Get to bed early and catch up on your sleep.

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