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MARCH 2015

March is the changeover month between a long frozen Winter and the promise of Spring. This major energy switch of the Vernal Equinox is on March 20 this year and has the added power of a total Solar Eclipse happening on the same day. The eclipse will not be visible from the USA but we will feel it. It occurs at 29 degrees of Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac. It portends closure of what needs to end. Get ready to let go of what seems to be taken away from you.

Uranus and Pluto continue to move along in a tense relationship and the world will continue to feel the tension this causes. They have been confronting each other since June of 2012. Think back and see how they have affected the area of your chart that holds the mid-teen degrees of Aries and Capricorn.

Saturn turns retrograde for the first time since he entered Sagittarius. He gives you time to rework your ideas and solve the new challenges that he’s given you so far in 2015.

March 1 – Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 6:34 pm. Today is a lazy, stay at home day. The kind where you have the time to do the fun things, like inventing new recipes, and also the necessary things, like checking the due dates on the food in your pantry and refrigerator.  Choose some food items that you bought on a whim and are still good but you don’t want and put them in a bag to give to the the food bank.

March 2 – Moon in Leo. It’s a happy, active day. Everything you do can be made exciting and fun. It will easy to work hard and enjoy the creativity you discover in yourself. Forget about feeling shy and let the fire energy of the day help you show the world what you can do. Promote yourself and your work and your business. Send in applications and writing proposals. Do tomorrow’s work today.

March 3 – Moon VC Leo. The whole day is under a void of course moon yet there’s creative energy as Jupiter and Uranus operate in sync to offer you encouragement to do something new. Focus on your own projects, the ones that bear the stamp of your original thoughts. Let your imagination free. Find time for pleasure.

March 4 – Moon in Virgo. Now you can fill in the details and specifics of your work. You can catch up on things that are still dangling from last month’s weather disruptions. Pay attention to the brief encounters you have that touch your heart. Listen to what those people say to you, as it is important. You will feel passionate about what you want, so take time to see how that impacts on the dynamics of your relationship.

March 5 – Moon in Virgo, VC 1:36 pm. You need to do two days work this morning. Today’s full moon highlights the symbolism of the Pisces-Virgo axis –helping others while having a kind heart full of compassion. It signals a need to blend the physical and spiritual worlds. It is time to bring something to an end, just as winter is ending soon, and get ready to move forward and not look back.

March 6 – Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 7:52 pm. Do the best you can today. Tie up the loose ends in every facet of your life. You’ll see flaws and mistakes at every turn but don’t try to multitask or you’ll just make it worse. Take one task and plod along. You may want to save some important phone calls and emails to do tomorrow.

March 7 – Moon in Libra. Chiron meets the Sun and gives you this special day of healing. You can solve any lingering problems that you have on the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level. Since the moon is in Libra, the sign of partnerships, it’s a good idea to ask someone to help you. You want to be among people this weekend and enjoy social events while you find cures for your old wounds.

March 8 – Moon in Libra, VC 9:24 pm. TURN YOUR CLOCKS AHEAD ONE HOUR. Enjoy the comfort of old friends and go out to art galleries, museums, or a concert of live music. Work on rebalancing your relationships by talking about ongoing problems. You’ll be able to talk and negotiate good compromises. Have a pleasant day.

March 9 – Moon VC Libra, enters Scorpio 9:10 am. Let your feeling nature show you the way to handle the day. Both the Sun and Moon are in emotional, intuitive water signs causing you to be sensitive to the echoes around you. Listen to your inner sense when it urges you to take precautions. Do what you need to do to improve the security of your home, your money, and your emotional well-being.

March 10 – Moon in Scorpio. Mars and Jupiter laugh together and dare you to step beyond your usual boundaries. They offer energy to create and they want you to try your luck and take a risk if it feels right. Listen to your inner voice if it tells you no from a place of logic, not from fear. There’s tension between being outgoing and wanting to shine and a part of you who just wants to crawl into a hole and be left alone.

March 11 – Moon in Scorpio, VC from 3:46 pm until 7:30 pm when it enters Sagittarius. Mars is wearing his soldier uniform and sets out to challenge the established ways. He wants you to be innovative and do your own thing. It’s a push come to shove day when you have to stand up for yourself. Be careful when driving, using fire, power tools, explosives, or anything sharp.

March 12 – Moon in Sagittarius. It’s a good day to do damage control from yesterday and to move ahead in all ways. It will be hard to focus on one thing, as you’ll be influenced by new ideas and want to check them out. Mercury enters Pisces, which brings an end to any issues that are still lingering from when he was retrograde last month. Get out and get involved in some kind of sport.

March 13 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC 7:11 pm. If you have anything you want to be published and feel it is ready, today is a good day submit it, as well as sending in other kinds of work. Saturn is standing still and you’ll feel him telling you have to be serious about your projects. He wants you to take the ideas out of your mind and turn them into some sort of solid form. Have a fun evening and make sure you eat, watch, and do something different.

March 14 – Moon in Capricorn.. Saturn turns retrograde at 11:02 am. It’s a serious day when you can’t fudge it anymore. It’s time to reconsider your career goals and see if you are traveling in the right direction. You may have to edit and rewrite your work. It’s time to be realistic and separate facts from dreams. Spend time with your elderly friends and treat them to a meal while you listen to their wisdom.

March 15 – Moon in Capricorn. It’s a day to work hard on what ever you chose to do. You’ll be able to organize things and get rid of clutter, both around the house and in your mind. You’ll find it easy to make plan and schedules for the next week, the month, and for the rest of the year. It will feel good to get so much done.

March 16 –Moon in Aquarius. You’ll do a lot of thinking today. You can edit your written work and achieve good results. Today is the last hit of the ongoing tension between Uranus and Pluto. Think back to the transformation in your life since June of 2012 and how the process has unfolded. Have you accomplished your dreams and wishes and how have they changed.

March 17 – Moon in Aquarius, VC 2:18 pm. Your mind is clear and sharp and you want to take advantage of this mental energy and get your deals, talks, and writing done this morning. It’s getting close to the eclipse on Friday when you won’t feel as mentally sharp. Venus moves into Taurus today, a sign where she will help you express your sensuous and sensual side.

March 18 – Moon in Pisces. Bathe in the Pisces energy and let yourself receive inspiration. Your right brain is charged and you’ll say and do what you feel, not what you think. It will be hard to separate true inspiration from illusions. Spend time helping someone who can use your assistance. Open your heart and your checkbook and give to a charity that helps those in need.

March 19 – Moon in Pisces. Don’t try to do much today as your actions will be influenced by tomorrow’s eclipse. Devote the day to healing and helping. We are at the end of the zodiacal year, which is a proper time to bring things to an end. It is a time to surrender what holds you back. Tonight is a very special dark of the moon.

March 20 – The Solar Eclipse occurs at 5:36 am at 29 degrees of Pisces. The Moon goes VC and enters Aries at 6:28 am. The Sun enters Aries at 6:45 pm. It’s a day of transition.   Honor the energy of the day with a meditation on the waters of the oceans and how they connect all on our planet. Bring the earthly and spiritual parts of your life into balance.

March 21 – Moon in Aries, VC 6:51 pm. Make some new years resolutions to celebrate the new zodiacal year. Let yesterday’s eclipse wipe out old attitudes and emotional defenses and start fresh today to become the you that you want to be. Today is a day for beginnings. You’ll have plenty of energy all day to do what you want to do.

March 22 – Moon in Taurus. It’s a day to please your senses. There’s a feminine aura and a soft feeling. Pamper your body by taking a hot tub or sauna, buying clothes that feel good, and getting a massage or facial. Experiment with new kinds of gourmet food. Start seedlings and take advantage of the fertile energy of the day.

March 23 – Moon in Taurus, VC 10:24 am. You have a short time this morning to set up things in place so it’s easy to follow through for the rest of the day. You’ll have enough common sense to see what is practical and what isn’t. Work at a slow and steady pace. Keep the image of planting seeds in your mind to help you to grow something new in your life.

March 24 – Moon VC Taurus, enters Gemini 9:22 am. Celebrate your spirit of romance and fantasy whenever you get the chance. Act with loving-kindness. Mercury meets Chiron and they give you ideas on how to heal your sore spots. They show you the right words to say to make things better. Stay busy and as focused as you can be.

March 25 – Moon in Gemini. Your mind is ablaze with ideas that need to be written down or recorded. The Sun and Saturn play together with fiery energy and ask you to step up to center stage and show your stuff. You’ll do well if you are giving a speech, teaching, or putting your writing where people can read it. You need to do tomorrow’s work today, especially that which concerns communicating with people.

March 26 – Moon in Gemini, VC from 8:35 am until 3:45 pm when it enters Cancer. You know how to handle VC moon days by now. Don’t start anything where you want the outcome to be as planned. Do the things that you want to fall through the cracks and not be noticed. Sort through your inbox and piles of papers on the desk and answer them or trash them. Cook your comfort foods tonight.

March 27 – Moon in Cancer. Today is a day for taking action. You can face conflict head on and be able to sense the right move to make. The evening will be intense with unresolved family issues rising up again. Use love and generosity of spirit as tools in any discussions. It’s a fertile moon if you want to start seedlings.

March 28 – Moon in Cancer. You’ll feel the conflict between the responsibilities of home and family and a desire for getting out on your own today. Try to do some of both. Add houseplant care to your list of today’s chores. It’s a fertile moon and good for transplanting and moving plants to a bigger container. Cook and bring a meal to anyone who could use a home cooked meal.

March 29 – Moon in Leo. Get outside and jump and play. Take the kids and do something special with them. Enjoy the fiery energy of the day that will lead you to adventure and excitement. Have an impromptu potluck party and play charades and other games. It’s a take–charge-of-your-life day, so do something bold. Then take care of tomorrow’s important work.

March 30 – Moon in Leo, VC 9:57 am. Start early and get the major stuff done. Then explore and experiment with things you want to try out but don’t care how they turn out. It’s a day for doing without being attached to the results. Let your romantic side out to play and act as if it’s Valentines Day again. Mercury moves into Aries to bring your mind to new places and focus your thoughts.

March 31 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 2:12 pm. You can catch up and revise your work of the past few days when the moon changes signs this afternoon. Mars enters Taurus around the same time and he will help you plod along and get things finished. He will help you be more practical. You’ll lose your edge but will act with more common sense.

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