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February is special because all the planets are in direct motion for the whole month! This is rare and something you want to take advantage of. It’s a green light for all your plans, a full speed ahead signal. Don’t procrastinate but push yourself to work hard and get things done and start new projects.

Knowing that Mercury will be in retrograde motion for most of March makes it all the more important that you use this direct energy to its fullest.

 February 1 – Moon in Capricorn. Take the next step to further your career. You know what it is and it’s time to do it. It’s important to assert yourself and go for what you want even if it means ruffling a few feathers. Work long hours into the evening to take advantage of this prime work energy. Make a schedule for the month and include time for rest and renewal.

February 2 – Moon in Capricorn. On Groundhog Day it’s appropriate to ask yourself what in your life has fallen into a rut. What has become so routine that you don’t realize you’re stuck and repeating the same patterns over and over. Watch the movie again. It’s a good day to downsize and reduce clutter. If in doubt, throw it out.

February 3 – Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 8:03 am. It’s a good day to write. You need to put down on paper, or into your computer, all the ideas that are repeating in your mind. Work on any speech, talk, or lesson you need to prepare. Venus enters Capricorn tonight and you start to pay attention to the bottom line. Chill out with some classic science fiction.

February 4 – Moon in Aquarius. Today’s New Moon places a special emphasis on the creative power of thought. It is a good time to start a project that takes you into the future. Choose the new and unexplored when you have to make a decision. You can reprogram your brain through affirmations and become a different person. Upgrade your software.

February 5 – Moon in Aquarius, VC from 6:59 pm until 9:02 pm when it enters Pisces. Today is Chinese New Year, the Year of the Pig. It is also the Tibetan New Year – Losar. Make a contribution to the world community in honor of these holidays. Your mind is busy thinking about all kinds of new things. Work on any intellectual and theoretic problems you need to solve.

February 6 – Moon in Pisces. Put yourself where you can be of greatest help to others. It’s a day to put your ego on the back burner and devote your time, energy, and resources towards helping those in need. You’ll feel inspired to do so, all you have to remember is to listen to your intuition. Make time for yoga and meditation. Quiet your mind and listen to the silence.

February 7 – Moon in Pisces, VC 5:14 pm. Today is one of the lucky days. Be open to opportunities and take the ones that come to you since you may not get another chance. Make plans for long distance travel or for enrolling in a course of study. Make the choices which expand your life. Don’t get pushed around by another person who has a different agenda. You need to feel your way through the day.

February 8 – Moon VC Pisces enters Aries 9:34 am. You have a new boost of energy and can end the work week with some fast moves. You want to get things done and over with and won’t have the patience for dealing with obstacles. Be sure to get some exercise to work off any excess energy that built up over the week. Take off on an impulse trip.

February 9 – Moon in Aries. This is a weekend to do exactly what you want to do. Spring into action as you follow your desires. You have the courage to jump in and take care of that situation that’s been bothering you. You’ll feel fine being alone and it will be a good thing to be a bit selfish for a while. Make today a personal day in a very special way.

February 10 – Moon in Aries, VC from 6:48 pm until 8:28 pm when it enters Taurus. Mercury enters Pisces early this morning and he has an effect on your dreams. Try to remember them and look for the messages. Your energy is at its peak in the late afternoon making that a good time for exercise, initiating a new project, or having the courage to do that scary thing. You’ll calm down tonight.

February 11 – Moon in Taurus. Today is the rainy day you’ve saved for. You can shop for something you’ve wanted for a long time and will find a good price. Make minor changes to your investments and assets. Put the house on the market if you’re thinking of selling. Shop sales and spot bargains. Indulge in a gourmet dinner with a gooey dessert.

February 12 – Moon in Taurus, VC 5:26 pm. It’s the perfect day to look at the seed catalogues and imagine how you will design you yard and garden. Do something nice for your body – a massage, facial, or visit to a spa. Look over your insurance policies to make sure that you are secure if there’s an emergency. It’s not a good day to try to persuade anyone to do what you think is best. 

February 13 – Moon in Gemini. Mars joins Uranus and they urge you to break free of anything that is holding you back. This is rebellious energy and it colors the day, making it unstable. Drive defensively as others are acting impulsively. Be cautious when using anything flammable or explosive. Watch your words and try not to inflame anyone with your ideas, write them down so you can express them another time.

February 14 – Moon in Gemini. Mars enters Taurus which slows him down. He helps you create art and music, make major purchases, and act in a kind way. Use today’s Gemini energy to contact friends who you think of but never see and tell them that you love them. Get not the spirit of the day by honoring love in all its forms. Buy a special book or journal for your loved one.

February 15 – Moon in Gemini, VC from 7:48 am until 9:03 am when it enters Cancer. Stay in bed and read, if you can. Your nurturing nature takes over and you’ll spend the day caring for people and trying to solve their problems. You’ll have insights into how to help them. Call your Mom and see how she is. Cook your comfort foods tonight and cuddle up with your pets.

February 16 – Moon in Cancer. This is the day to stay home and tend to what needs to be done around the house. Clean, wash, put things away, buy new sheets and towels. Invite the family over to share a meal. Have an intimate talk with your partner about the things that have been bothering both of you. When you go to bed, tell yourself to remember your dreams.

February 17 – Moon in Cancer, VC from 9:17 am until 10:21 am when it enters Leo. Spent the early morning hours doing something that is for your benefit – yoga, meditation, journaling. Your creative spirit comes to front stage as the day goes on. Let your inner child play with the kids. Do art projects with them. Today is the last full day of Aquarius.

February 18 – Moon in Leo. The Sun enters Pisces at 6:04 pm. Chiron enters Aries early this morning. He will be in the sign of Aries for many years now. Venus connects with Saturn which adds a serious tone to the day. You will see the bottom line issues in your relationship and need to address them. The energy is unstable as it tends to be when planets change signs.

February 19 – Moon in Leo, VC from 8:51 am until 9:47 am when it enters Virgo. Today’s full Moon is a Supermoon, strong and powerful. It is a day to be quiet and still. You can change your ingrained habits with thoughts and ritual. Attend to your daily matters knowing that Mercury will turn retrograde two weeks from today. Making balance between your right and left brains is the most effective way to proceed.

February 20 – Moon in Virgo, VC 8:51 pm. After you take care of the work you need to get done, it’s best to devote the rest of the day to service work. See where you can help on a one-to-one basis by visiting, shopping for, or driving an elderly or ill neighbor or relative. Volunteer to help at your food bank, walk dogs who are stuck living in a shelter, and deliver meals on wheels. Help a non-profit with their fundraising. Let your day be spent helping which will be healing for you.

February 21 – Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 9:17 am. Make a big effort to concentrate on what needs to be fixed in your major relationships. Try to see where a wound or feeling of inadequacy in your personality causes a disconnect between you and your partner. If you have a social obligation to repay, treat someone to a meal. Buy flowers or a new plant to bring beauty into your home and office.

February 22 – Moon in Libra. You’ll find plenty to say making this a good day for negotiations and mediation. Take care of legal matters, sign documents, make deals. If you do it right, you’ll come out well. Spend the night with the one you love. You can access deep wells of passion that you’ve forgotten you have within you.

February 23 – Moon in Libra, VC from 10:11 am until 10:56 am when it enters Scorpio. Do any social events in the morning since as the day goes on you’ll want solitude. There is an emphasis on water this weekend with its sensitivity and its ability to enhance intuition. You’ll be able to take a deep dive into your unconscious and bring back all kinds of information. Interact with the people you trust.

February 24 – Moon in Scorpio. It’s another day to hunker down at home and enjoy the focus on you. Try experimenting to see if you can enhance your ESP. Read some psychology. Do research on a topic that interests you. You have to energy to look under the surface and get to the bottom of the matter. Take care of tomorrow’s most important business now.

February 25 – Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 4:19 pm. This is the first VC workday in weeks. Use it to look back and see what jobs you didn’t finish this month and get them done and out of the way. It a day to do a lot of catching up. Go through the piles of papers and journals and file and discard them, or recycle. Be sure to get out and do some vigorous exercise tonight to shake off the intensity of the weekend.

February 26 – Moon in Sagittarius. Make your sales pitches to sell your products to a wide range of people. Look ahead and make deals while you can since Mercury will be retrograde for most of next month. You’ll have the confidence and intuition to let you know when let luck will help you. Send in applications, grant requests, and proposals for your creative work. It’s best to do it all today so don’t get sidetracked.

February 27 – Moon in Sagittarius. Surf the wave of auspicious vibes to make some bold moves as you go through the day. You’ll have plenty of energy to keep going and things go best when you have the freedom to make your own decisions. The keywords for today are expansion and growth. Don’t choose any direction that limits you. Find some friendly competition for fun this evening.

February 28 – Moon in Capricorn. This is the last day for a while when you won’t feel help back and can get things started. Make a plan and a schedule to follow in the coming month. Be realistic in your goals. Listen to your inner voice as it guides you through this process. Make those major purchases for the things you need for work.

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