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January 2018



January is a serious, get down to business, get organized and face reality month. It’s a time to downsize and get rid of the excess in your life that distracts you. It’s a great month for those who are not afraid of hard work. The month starts with a full moon that emphasizes the split between home and career and that sets the tone for the month, On January 2, Uranus ends his long retrograde phase and starts moving towards the end of Aries.

As the Sun contacts both Saturn and Pluto during the month it brings gravity to life. The month ends with a Lunar eclipse which will help you purge anything that is still holding you back.

     January 24 – Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus 8:39 am. Mercury and Pluto meet to help you think deep thoughts. It’s a good day to work on your research and writing projects or to compose music. Fill out and send in job applications and go for interviews. You’ll feel grounded and able to handle the earthy things in life. Shop for food and cook a gourmet dinner tonight,

 January 25 – Moon in Taurus. Mercury receives a boost from Jupiter and they urge you to keep on with your writing, speaking, or any communication project. It’s also a great time to set out on a long trip. You’ll want to procrastinate on any seemingly difficult or boring piece of work. Pamper yourself with massage or a facial. Forget the diet tonight.

 January 26 – Moon VC Taurus, enters Gemini 12:40 pm. You’ll feel a bit lazy this morning and wish you could stay in bed. Your energy picks up in the afternoon so that’s the time to do any thought intensive work. Your mind takes off in flight and you’ll find the right words to say for any situation. Buy some new books or eBooks to feed your hungry intellect.

 January 27 – Moon in Gemini. You get a temporary reprieve from the bonds of responsibility and can run free to do what you want. It’s a day to be out and about, with lots of visits to friends and acquaintances. Browse the bookstores, libraries, and office supply stores. Buy yourself that new electronic device you’ve been eyeing. It’s a good day to have your book group or other meeting where you get together with people and exchange ideas.   

 January 28 – Moon VC Gemini, enters Cancer 1:57 pm. Read through the Sunday papers in print or online and then have some political discussions. The afternoon is the time when you’ll want to stay home and do the cooking and cleaning. Call Mom and see what’s new in her life. Make a schedule for the coming week and get serious about doing what must be done.

 January 29 – Moon in Cancer. When your intuition and your logical mind are at odds, go with what your intuition tells you. You’ll feel answers rather than think them. Try to get the week’s important work done today. Make appointments for house repairs and equipment maintenance. Contact family members and see if they would like to share a meal with you.

 January 30 – Moon in Cancer, VC from 11:40 am until 1:53 pm when it enters Leo. The energy of the day is unstable due to tomorrow’s eclipse. The morning is a good time for therapy, physical or emotional. Use the afternoon and evening for your artistic pursuits and creative ventures. Find time to have fun and put off the important stuff for a few days.

 January 31 – Moon in Leo. Today’s full moon is eclipsed. It is time to look deep into your heart and see where you act from love and determine what is blocking you from expressing your love. See if romances that happened in the past and are still having a negative effect on you. Mercury enters Aquarius to help you find some objectivity and make it easier to let go.


All of the planets are in direct motion in February letting you move forward with your life and encounter a minimum of restrictions. This is the only time this year when you have this opportunity.

There is a Solar Eclipse on February 15. The degree is 27 Aquarius. It resonates to the Solar Eclipse that crossed the country in August which was at 28 degrees of Leo. There will be occurrences that relate to what happened in August. Anyone with a Sun, Moon, or Ascendant at 27 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, or Scorpio can expect that something in their life is finished, blotted out, eclipsed.

The Chinese New Year begins on February 16. It is the Year of the Dog, the Earth Dog. Dogs in Chinese astrology represent what we know of the animal itself: loyalty, humility, and devotion. The Earth element brings a need for accountability and tangible results.

Mercury will turn retrograde on March 22. This is another reason for using February as a launching pad for your new projects.

February 1 – Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 2:13 pm. It’s the day after a lunar eclipse and the energy is fluid making it hard to get serious about work. Clean and discard any objects that are past their emotional due date. Reorganize your work space for better efficiency. Look around and try to see your daily environment with new eyes. Catch up on your sleep tonight.

February 2 – Moon in Virgo. Today is the midpoint of Winter. It was celebrated as Candlemas and more recently as Groundhog’s Day. It is a day to take stock of resources and make do with what you have. You can see both the big and little picture and make a plan that encompasses the vision. See the movie Groundhog Day tonight and try to grok its true meaning.  

February 3 – Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 4:47 pm. It’s a day to putter around, fixing things and putting stuff in order and making big piles of things to recycle. You’ll want to keep on doing but it’s best to have no agenda or expectations. Stay light and playful. You can party tonight or have a romantic evening with your loved one.

February 4 – Moon in Libra. It’s an airy day when you find pleasure in thoughts and the world of the mind. Jupiter and Venus offer you artistic opportunities. If you don’t feel creative, then go where you can appreciate art and music. Do get out of the house and mix and mingle with people. A bit of social activity will make you feel better and set you up for a good week.

February 5 – Moon in Libra, VC from 1:46 pm. You have the morning to rally your energy and get the day’s work done. It will be harder to stay on task once the Moon goes void-of-course. That’s the time to do some group work or hold a brainstorming session and toss ideas around. Have a serious discussion with your partner and iron out the places where there are wrinkles.

February 6 – Moon in Scorpio. You’ll have more focus today and can start a new project, one that you feel is important to do. Follow your gut feelings, not your mind, and listen to what they tell you. Give your creativity freedom and proceed with no censoring nor thoughts of what others might think. It’s a night to do that quirky thing you’ve been thinking about.

February 7 – Moon in Scorpio. It’s best to avoid confrontation as both of you will be sure you’re right and will not want to budge. Work on your own where you won’t be distracted. Try your luck in the stock market or buy a lottery ticket. It’s a day to take a very small risk. Binge watch a detective show or read a Scandinavian mystery.

February 8 – Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 8:53 am. Your vison expands and you want to spread your wings and make discoveries. Finish firming up your travel plans or take off on an impromptu trip. Your focus is on bringing something new into your life and creating your future. Go out to exercise and find some friendly completion to push you to do more.

February 9 – Moon in Sagittarius. Work on your writing, publishing, blogging, or teaching today. Contact your friends and business colleagues who are in foreign countries and share information. You have a lot of energy but a short attention span. You need to be free to move from thing to thing, from place to place. Try food from a different culture for tonight’s dinner.

February 10 – Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 11:38 pm until 9:21 pm when it enters Capricorn. Venus enters Pisces to soften all matters of love. You will be more forgiving and less analytical to those you care about. The Sun and Jupiter give you a chance for the kind of lucky break that comes with great effort. It’s an afternoon to have an unplanned adventure.

February 11 – Moon in Capricorn. Forget that it’s Sunday and do as much work as you can since the eclipse that happens midweek will upset your plans. You’ll feel serious and want to get things done and done perfectly. Make a schedule of your priorities for the rest of the month. Look around the house to see how you can make the housecleaning more efficient. Be careful not to be too critical, especially to your loved ones.

February 12 – Moon in Capricorn. You’ll have the energy and concentration to get the whole week’s work done today as it’s the best day to do it all. You can make a big change in how you go about your job and do business. You’ll see all the imperfections around you and also the right way to accomplish your goals. You’ll have more influence to implement your ideas if you act with kindness, not bossiness.

February 13 – Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 10:11 am. Now it’s time for some serious thinking before you act. You can order your ideas so that it is easy to write or speak them. Get involved with an organization that helps others. You can think of ways to fundraise or join the board to help run the activities. It’s a good day to have a book club, writing group, or some intellectual social gathering. Get the important work for the next three days done today.

February 14 – Moon in Aquarius. You may be feeling a bit cool on this day of love. Aquarius Moon tends to put you more in your mind than in your heart. Tomorrow’s solar eclipse upsets today’s energy. You will be happiest when daydreaming and creating visions of your future. It’s a good day for reading people’s opinions and theories. Tonight is the dark of the moon.

February 15 – Moon in Aquarius, VC from 4:05 pm until l9:42 pm when it enters Pisces. Nothing will go as you planned things to go. The Solar Eclipse brings up past events that must be dealt with. There is an opportunity to reprogram your brain and get rid of negative thoughts which will help you to open your mind to accept those people, ideas, and things that you don’t like. It’s an auspicious time to meditate.

February 16 – Moon in Pisces. Chinese New Year begins today. It is the year of the Dog. Buy your pup a special treat. Do an act of loving kindness to honor all the faithful dogs you have known. It’s a day to do service work and to give to others. Buy house plants to give to those who are feeling lonely and stuck in the house. It’s a mystical, otherworldly day when you want to spend time on your spiritual practice.

February 17 – Moon in Pisces, VC 5:12 pm. The Sun and Mercury meet on this last day of Aquarius and they make today a big idea day. Be sure to write down your thoughts and insights. You’ll go off course if you try to follow a plan or any instructions so just flow through the day. Keep busy with art or music projects or just go somewhere you can enjoy the fine arts. It’s a good night for dreaming.

February 18 – Moon in Aries. The Sun enters Pisces 12:18 pm. The energy is unstable as the Sun changes signs. Use today to do the things you want to do on your own but haven’t found the time to do them. You’ll feel brave and bold and want to challenge your status quo. Beat your personal best in a favorite outdoor sport.

February 19 – Moon in Aries. Now you can move at full speed and begin new work and projects. You’ll have the energy to get two days’ work accomplished, which might be the best thing to do. Try not to be too abrasive as you push your agenda. You can be a champion and rescue someone who needs help. You’ll be called upon to use your leadership skills and will enjoy doing that.

February 20 – Moon VV Aries, enters Taurus 2:12 pm. The morning will hold a few surprises but then your pace calms down in the afternoon. It will be easy to settle down and do one thing. You’ll feel more grounded and can pay attention to earthy matters. Shop for food that you can cook, not just heat up. Look for bargains in the stores. Stay warm and cozy.

February 21 – Moon in Taurus. It’s a lovely day today, full of good feelings and romance. Indulge your senses and be nice to your body. Treat yourself to the sensuous pleasures of life – get a massage, buy an aromatherapy device for your home or office, and go out for a gourmet meal and don’t skip dessert. Take time to get tomorrow’s important work done today.

February 22 – Moon VC Taurus, enters Gemini 7:07 pm. Today is a lazy day – the Universe is giving you a personal day. You won’t get much accomplished so do the minimum and give yourself a day to rest and nap and space out. Read the seed catalogues and think about what you want to plant this Summer. Splurge on your favorite kind of chocolate or sweets. It’s a day to forget the diet.

February 23 – Moon in Gemini. Your energy snaps back and you will be revived from the couple of days of rest. It’s a day that invites multi-tasking. You can do more than one thing at a time and will be happy switching between jobs. Stick to short undertakings knowing that you won’t have the concentration to go in depth with any one thing.

February 24 – Moon in Gemini, VC 2:58 pm. Get up early and make your phone calls, send out emails and texts. Have the serious conversations in the morning. You can play in the late afternoon although the most fun will be mental games like Words with Friends. Do random surfing on the Internet and then go through those piles of magazines and catch up on your reading.

February 25 – Moon in Cancer. It’s a lucky day as the Sun and Jupiter dance and shower you with good fortune. Your imagination is enhanced and you can dream big dreams and then write them down. Use your intuition to solve problems. You’ll “know” things without being able to explain why. It’s a great day for your artistic work. You’ll be happy staying close to home and feeding your family.

February 26 – Moon in Cancer, VC 4:51 pm. Let your sixth sense help you to make those hard decisions. You have great sensitivity to the unspoken words around you. You will know what to do and say to calm and nurture those in distress. It is not the day to confront anyone or push your agenda. It is a good day to look up your ancestry or try a DNA test,

February 27 – Moon in Leo. Let your artistic spirit out to play. You can be creative with purpose and have fun while you do it as you go through the day. You’ll think of innovations to make you work more pleasant. Shop for gifts for you and your loved ones. The kids need something new to play with by this point in the winter. Brighten up someone’s day with your smiles.

February 28 – Moon in Leo, VC6:13 pm. You may be forced to assert yourself to promote an idea or product. You can do this in a loving way. You’ll shine at all you do. Find time to devote to a creative venture. Your mind will sparkle with brilliant ideas. Tell your dear ones how much you love them and be generous with your hugs and kisses.










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