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Think of this column as a cosmic weather report. When it is raining out, every one in the vicinity is affected by that fact. You may get wet, feel gloomy, and maybe have to change plans. If you know in advance that it is liable to be stormy, you wear a raincoat and bring an umbrella. When the moon is in Cancer, everyone is apt to feel emotional, want to be at home, have strong intuitions. When the sun is out everyone it shines on responds to that and tends to become more optimistic. It feels good to lie in the sun and you feel sunny. When the moon is in Leo, everyone tends to feel playful and loving. The longer you read the column, the more you’ll get the feel of what kind of day each moon represents.

Don’t be confused by the sign names next to each day., and certainly don’t look just for your own sun sign and read only that day. The moon moves through all twelve signs on a 28-day cycle. Each sign creates a different atmosphere. I write about the general character of the day, not about a certain group of people. This is an interior weather report, not a sun sign column.
If you are familiar with your chart, you can make the information on this website more personal by seeing which area of the chart the moon moves through each day. That area becomes highlighted and activated. When the moon returns to the sign that your moon is in, it begins a personal month for you, as if you have your own new moon.

What do the letters VC mean?
VC stands for the moon traveling Void-of-Course, a term used when the moon is not making any connection to any other planet as it moves through a sign. On one level it’s just mathematics; on another level it describes a time period when the energy of the day seems to drop into a hole. What is started during a VC moon is rarely finished and never ends up as expected. Projects or even resolutions that are begun during a VC moon never reach fulfillment. If you don’t want something to happen, then begin it during the VC time. It seems to be a proven fact that judgment is often faulty at such times and decisions made or items purchased tend to be the wrong ones.
Life gets confusing during the VC period. It’s as if the greater intelligence in the Universe is telling you to take a break, take a nap, go to the beach, ride your bike, or just play hooky. It’s a time to reflect, rest, and meditate.
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