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 Pluto is now in the middle degrees of Capricorn. He is slowly doing his job of undermining those institutions, governments, and corporations that are holding on through inertia. Those born from the 5-7 of January, April, July, and October are feeling his transformative touch in a personal way.

 Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces and putting forth a call to service. They ask you to allow more time in your life for spiritual pursuits and practices.

 Uranus moves on in Aries. He continues to bring shocks and surprises as he challenges Pluto.

 Saturn moves on to the middle to end degrees of Sagittarius. Saturn has us make hard choices. But at this time, he allows us to makes choices that are not going to last for years and years. It is a time to focus on the immediate without worrying that we are making the “wrong’ decision.He will leave Sagittarius to enter Capricorn on December 19.

 Jupiter is in Libra and contacts Pluto and Uranus as he moves along. It is a special year for Libras, at least until October 10 when he moves into Scorpio.

Venus has a retrograde period in 2017. She will travel backwards from March 4 to April 15 moving from 13 degrees of Aries to 26 degrees of Pisces 

Mercury’s retrograde periods are:

April 9 – May 3

August 12 – September 5

December 3 – December 22


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