In my view, Arlan Wise is a very competent and caring Astrologer, with great integrity as well. Arlan Wise, AstrologerI have worked with her over the past seven years. The chart she did for me was carefully explained and rang true. Since then, I have had fairly regular up date readings with her, with equally satisfactory feelings.
Her bi-weekly column in the Vineyard Times is excellent and treasured by many of my friends. For a number of years, I mailed/faxed the column to a dozen or so devotees throughout the country and in Europe. Since the column became available “on line”, I still have a couple of folk who MUST have their column regularly via the old fashioned way directly from me.
I have been and continue to be very comfortable in recommending Arlan Wise for astrological readings, encouraged by the fact that she continues studying this great field.
AH, West Tisbury, MA

Arlan is a sensitive, intuitive and gifted astrologer. She tunes into her clients’ concerns, listens well and is able to explain astrology to the layperson. Her readings have always been balanced, accurate and extremely helpful. I believe her intelligence, knowledge of her craft and her warm and open manner has been why I have sent many of my friends and family to her for readings. They too think she is amazing!
VM, New York NY

Arlan’s “astrology forecasts” are absolutely amazing! Her ability to interpret the meaning of the what’s going on in the stars and how it affects our astrological environment is truly a gift. This is information you can use — just as you would look at the weather forecast — to know what to be prepared for as you go forward each day. Arlan lets you know what dynamics are at play, so you can make the necessary choices on how to take (or not take) action as the stars play their course.
SB, Tokyo

Arlan looks at the arrangement of your stars and planets, and provides a window to your soul. I have given gift certificates for readings to friends and family, who have appreciated the insights from Arlan.”
CT, Chilmark, MA

Your column in The Martha’s Vineyard Times has guided my daily life for the past 18 years. I cannot imagine a day without checking the printout posted on the refrigerator. So I was devastated when I didn’t find it this week, but delighted to read that you will be offering it through your soon to be website. Thank you for all you have done, and all the extra work and grief you have saved others and me by following your advice.
W. E, Pocasset

I have been reading your column since 1991, and I have watched you predict the closeness of the race between Gore and Bush, and that Bush (unfortunately) was going to win by a nose, but through controversy. I have remembered the predictions for the race going on now where Obama suddenly reached up and was ahead, and you said, wait, things just may turn around here. I have seen so many, many things over the years that you have predicted correctly, and I just rely on your work to do everything –turn in my papers for school, begin new projects, finish up old ones, etc.
You have been the best astrologer I have ever had, and the thought of not working through my day without your help is petrifying.
R. W, FL

Arlan writes one of the best astrological columns…Arlan is one of the top Astrologers in the US.

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